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    looking for help finding what happened to wellington MKXIV HF168 ww2 stated accident on file,my family member was with 172 squadron based in uk,he was RAAF,NAME OF LINDSAY JOHN STEPHENS,any help appreciated
    thank heather1966
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    There is an, as yet, undigitized A705 Casualty report at the NAA in Canberra.

    However, as the pilot was Canadian, his file contains the attached report. His brother was also killed while serving



    HF168 a.jpg HF168 b.jpg HF168 c.jpg HF168 d.jpg HF168 e.jpg
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    I cant thank you enough for the information,was really annoying me as to what had happened
    much appreciated heather1966
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  5. heather1966

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    Hi. Thanks alot for that,I will have a look much appreciated. Heather

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