17713 Lt.-Col. Beauchamp Henry BUTLER, DSO, MiD**, Royal Inniskilling Fus., CO 1st RIF: 27/10/1943

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    Personal Number: 17713
    Rank: Major
    Name: Beauchamp Henry BUTLER, DSO, MiD**
    Unit: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

    London Gazette : 1 September 1922
    The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military College, tot be 2nd Lts., with effect from 31st Aug. 1922: —
    Inniskilling Fus.—
    Beauchamp Henry Butler.

    London Gazette : 16 October 1936
    Inniskilling Fits.—The (undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. 1st Sept. 1936: —
    B. H. Butler.

    London Gazette : 16 July 1937
    Inniskitting Fus.—.
    R. W. H. Scott, 22nd June 1937 with ante-date for seniority only to 20th May 1937, and precedence next below Capt. B. H. Butler.

    London Gazette : 4 January 1938
    Inniskilling Fus.—Capt. R. E. Moody from R. North'd Fus., to be Capt. 14th Dec. 1937, with regtl. seniority 1st Sept. 1936, and precedence next above Capt. B. H. Butler.

    London Gazette : 3 June 1938
    Inniskilling Fus.—
    Capt. T. T. Macartney- Filgate to be Adjt. vice Capt. B. H. Butler. 1st June 1938.

    London Gazette : 1 September 1939
    The undermentioned Capts. to be Majs. 31st Aug. 1939:—
    Inniskilling Fus.—
    B. H. Butler.

    London Gazette : 20 December 1940
    The names of the undermentioned have been brought to notice in recognition of distinguished services in connection with operations in the field. March-June, 1940.
    Maj. B. H. BUTLER.

    London Gazette : 23 September 1943
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North Africa.
    Inniskilling Fus.
    Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) B. H. Butler (17713).

    London Gazette : 18 November 1943
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Sicily:—
    The Distinguished Service Order.
    Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Beauchamp Henry Butler (17713), The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Clogher, Co. Tyrone).

    London Gazette : 24 August 1944
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy : —
    Inniskilling Fus.
    Lt.-Col. B. H. Butler, D.S.O. (17713).
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    Reference: WO 373/3/67
    Name Butler, Beauchamp Henry
    Rank: Major,Temporary Lieutenant Colonel
    Service No: P.17713
    Regiment: The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers attached 1 Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Sicily
    Award: Distinguished Service Order
    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 18 November 1943

    Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Beauchamp Henry Butler was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.
    Lieutenant-Colonel Butler’s task was to secure the right half of the river Simeto bridgehead, and much depended on this operation’s success.
    This officer led his battalion with great gallantry. Throughout a hard day’s fighting he was tireless in his efforts to ensure success, personally directing the fire of his anti-tank guns and mortars at centres of resistance; launching attacks and never giving a desperate and determined enemy any loophole. Lieutenant-Colonel Butler was under continuous and accurate short-range machine-gun and rifle fire and mortar fire for many hours, but his complete disregard of danger and his inspiring example to his battalion ensured the success of the operation.

    This officer has also rendered distinguished service in the attack on Centuripe and in the crossing of the River Salso.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Butler was born in Rathvilly, Co. Carlow.
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    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 17713
    Regiment & Unit/Ship: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Cdg. 1st Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
    Awards: Distinguished Service Order
    Date of Death
    Died 27 October 1943
    Age 41 years old
    Buried or commemorated at SANGRO RIVER WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: VIII. D. 29.
    Location: Italy
    Additional Info: Son of Charles R. and Ethel E. J. Butler; husband of Vera May Butler, of Clogher, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
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    Lt Col Beauchamp Butler was killed, when leading the Faughs, near the Trigno river south of San Salvo - I shal be speaking to his son, Patrick, on Monday:

    "2306 Forward coys crossed start line A Company on a bearing of 302 degrees, B Coy on 314 degrees. They had only gone a short way when heavy MG and shell fire was opened up on them. The whole bttn was pinned down, the rear areas still in area of start line. As the intensity of the fire increased, it became obvious that the bttn was in an enemy DF area.

    The CO held an O Group at which he ordered D Coy, which had fallen behind to move up on the left of C Coy.

    Sometime during the next half hour, the CO was killed by a stray MG bullet, which struck in the head.

    B Coy continued the advance but was finally halted by the intensity of the enemy MG fire.

    Major PJ Proctor had been hit and was missing, later known to be KIA and Major Wood assumed command

    The CO took the decision to return to the area of the bridgehead, but not before it became obvious that any further attempt to advance would be futile and lead to a needless sacrifice of life.

    Lieut JGC Glennie KIA, Lieut HL Hutchison (since died of wounds), 2/Lieut JV Baker wounded as were the other officer casualties."

    P1080864 - Copy.JPG

    large_NA_003355_1 (2).jpg

    551 - butler (2).JPG
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