1982 Unit - Bletchley Park?

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by brithm, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Anybody ever heard of an 1982 Unit? It might be connected to Bletchley park or the CNC School.

    I have searched the Kew Archives Catalogue, had no luck there, and a general search on the tinternet but to no avail. Is there anywhere else I could try?

  2. brithm

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    Dennis Gleed, a member of the RAF, worked at Bletchley Park's CNC School, he was attached to an 1982 Unit and was in one of the seven gliders which left Down Ampney.

    I had an interview in London in 1943 and I was accepted to go to CNC [Computer Numeric Controlled] School. CNC School, after completion of course there which I passed, then 1943, I worked between Bletchley Park and Leighton Buzzard [England] for the Enigma machine, decoding and coding cipher. And from there, went from Bletchley Park, I was assigned to a 1982 unit. I left a placed called Down Ampney, which is in Gloucestershire, attached to 6th Airborne Division. We went by glider where the airborne division was supposed to take Pegasus Bridge [that crosses the Caen Canal, France] and hold it until the main army come from D-Day to connect with the army. After they connected with the army, I went onto the RAF mobile signals unit. And the mobile signals unit, we used to travel with, attached with the army signals and we’d send coded messages back from front line to base about what’s going on from various places.

    Dennis Gleed
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    CNC cannot be 'Computer Numeric Controlled' as it did not exist then - error on the part of the transcriber.

    It would be very unusual for someone with an intimate knowledge of Enigma to go anywhere near the front.

    Can't help further! No idea on 1982.
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    Hi, sorry to poke my nose in on this thread but does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list of the workers at Bletchley? My grandad worked there, George Charles Maxted, he entered by doing the crossword initiation test and he was there the same time as Turing as he told me a funny story when I was little about Turings weeing habits which made me crack up. He went onto work for the home office for which he got an OBE. I have started to trace my other grandads life as a Pow and would like to know a little about both. X
  5. geoff501

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    Hi, sorry to poke my nose in ...

    No problem. It's why we're here.
    Not an easy website to navigate, but in the History section,
    Try here:

    Roll of Honour
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    Name isn't down, why would that be? Thanks for your help by the way.
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    Name isn't down, why would that be? Thanks for your help by the way.

    I don't think it is a comprehensive list, the source notes indicate the entries were submitted by various people. Perhaps you could add him? (not sure who to contact though). Not heard that one on Turing before. There were some odd people there, one codebreaker would take a cup and saucer of tea to drink by the lake, when he'd finished would throw the cup and saucer into the lake, like it was a normal thing to do. Bet there is some interesting stuff in that lake.
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    Bet there are hundreds of stories! Apparently so my grandad said Turing used to wee no handed, he would stand and place both hands behind his head. Obviously as a 11 year old this was a really amusing thing for me as I remember it to this day!! There is a form On the website to fill in but I don't even know when he was there, let alone his hut number. Not to worry, I may have to leave investigating this one, as fear I won't get far!!

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