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    My grandfather, Sergeant Eric Young (Army No 4470017) served in the 1st Bn Green Howards throughout WW2. Firstly, this forum has given me so much information about his time in the war, so thank you - i am still very new to military research and this has been a great help. I am in the process of sending off for his service records - though I imagine this will be delayed in the present circumstances.

    My grandad died in 2004 and left us with a wonderful photo album of pictures from the places he visited, and photos of his GH military friends. I have listed some names below (unfortunatley none of the pictures include surnames, but some of the names are relatively uncommon and I have added a link to pictures below). If anyone knows anything more about my grandad or any of his friends, I would be very interested to hear.

    We have his original leave certificate, granting leave on 13 Nov 1946 to Celle. He rarely spoke about the war, but did mention the horrors of Belsen camp. Does anyone have any information about how involved the Green Horwards were with the aftermath of the Belsen liberation? I have not seen it mentioned on here but assume given its proximity to Celle, they will have assisted in some capacity.

    Any information is welcome!

    List of names in photobook -

    Major Timms (signed my grandad's leave certificate)
    Dennis (surname possibly Shyness(?) - back of photo unclear)

    Link below (inbox me direct if link does not work and I will share with you) -

    Dropbox - Family History - Simplify your life

    Thank you.

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    Originally enlisted into the Durham Light Infantry.
    L/Cpl Wounded 20/01/1944 Green Howards Battalion not listed .
    Wounded 22/04/1944 1st Bn Green Howards (Italy)

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    His first wound on 20 Jan 44 would have been up on Minturno Ridge three days into the X (British) Corps operation to cross the River Garigliano on 17 Jan 44. 1 GREEN HOWARDS were in 15 Infantry Brigade in 5 Infantry Division for that operation.

    His second wound on 22 Apr 44 would have been in the ghastly ‘wadis’ of Anzio towards the end of the beachhead operation which had started on 22 Jan 44. 1 GREEN HOWARDS, still part of 15 Infantry Brigade in 5 Infantry Division had moved to Anzio from the Minturno feature in Mar 44.

    His second wound may well have saved his life because 1 GREEN HOWARDS were tasked with mounting a diversionary operation on the night of 23 May 44 in order to focus German attention whilst, at the same time, in the American sector of the beachhead, a massive operation was the real assault.

    5 Infantry Division left Italy in Mar 45 and moved to NW Europe and were there in time for the freeing of inmates in Bergen Belsen.



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