1st Northern Rhodesia Regiment Burma 1944

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    Hello All
    I am a completely new boy on this site and having visited the WW1 equivalent appreciate what a wealth of knowledge and help is available from you members.
    I would be most grateful for any information you may be able to provide on the following soldier of WW2. or direct me to the right sources.
    I have recently aquired the following items which were all contained in a wooden box ,being the property of C.S.M. Jack Burke Army No 3524802 of the Manchester Reg.
    His medals consisting of 39/45 star,Africa star bar 8th Army,Burma star,Italy star,War medal and a Dunkirk medal.On his Certificate of Transfer to the Army Reserve his address is given as 140,Church Street,Bradford.Manchester 11.England.
    There is a newspaper cutting with the caption Army's Champion which depicts a Lieutenant C.L. Archdale,1st Manchester Regiment being chaired holding the cup after winning the Army Rifle Championship at Bisley (year unknown?).It may very well be that C.S.M Burke is the person in the front right of the picture.I presume that he didn't shoot at Bisley himself as part of a team?
    A brass C.S.M cuff rank.
    A sterling silver monagrammed cigarette case with the inscription to C.S.M. Jack Burke from "C" Coy. 1st Northern Rhodesian Regiment with best wishes 1945.
    A large (3ft x 4ft approx ) silk Japanese flag ( covered with what I can only suppose was prayer messages) signed on the back by C.S.M Burke and stating that it was captured by the 1st Bn Northern Rhodeshia regt. Sunday 29th Sept 1944. at Kun-Chaung.Manku- Burma.
    Lastly a 1934 ordanace survey map dated 1934 with the route marked along the banks of the Chindwin River that was taken to Kun-Chaung.
    I am sure that there is a really interesting story to all of this.
    Was C.S.M attached to the Rhodesian Reg? Would there be a Bn War diary kept and where would one make contact to obtain details?
    Any help would be much appreciated and I should like to make a modest donation to the Museum funds when supplied with an address.
    Bob Norman
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    Hello and Welcome.
    Have you come here from GWF too?
    First, I'd suggest contacting the Burma Star Association. They may have some relevent info.
  3. Owen

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  4. Owen

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    Found this book , it might help.
    Founded in 1891 - took part in operations in East Africa in WW.I and WW.II as well as Burma.


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    :) Bob, welcome aboard and thank you for your family's service to Crown and Country. You'll enjoy it here!
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    Hi Bob,
    I know this may be an extreme long shot as to whether you are still here on the forum and more importantly if you still have the NRR flag and associated items in your posession.
    To be honest it was your post here that drew me to joining the forum.
    I have lots of information on the Northern Rhodesia Regiment and would dearly like to contact you in person with regards to your items as my grandfather was in the 1st Northern Rhodesia regiment in Burma. Viewing the map that you have ( hopefully)\ had will be able to answer a lot of questions that I am researching relating to the regiment.
    As a BTW I also have interesting information regarding the capture of the Japanese flag as my grandfather was involved in that very battle.
    Here's to hoping
    Cheers & regards
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    Hi Karl and welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately Bob hasn't logged onto this site for 5 years-You could try sending him a private message, he may get an alert if he is still using the same email address.

    If you can get to the National Archives they have your grandfathers units war diaries that I've listed below for you.

    WO 169/786 1 Northern Rhodesian Regiment Depot 1939 Sept.- 1940 Apr., Aug.-Dec.

    WO 169/787 1 Northern Rhodesian Regiment 1939 Aug.- 1940 Apr., Aug.-Dec.

    WO 169/7066 North Rhodesian Regiment: 1 Bn. 1942 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 169/14156 1 North Rhodesian Regt. 1943 Jan.- May

    WO 172/4034 1 North Rhodesian Regt. 1943 June - Dec.

    WO 172/6543 North Rhodesian Regiment: 1 Bn. 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 172/9492 Northern Rhodesian Regiment: 1 Bn. 1945 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 169/24366 1 North Rhodesian Regt. 1946 Feb., May, June
  8. astie

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    Thank you again Andy,
    The National Archives if definately on my "To Do" list.... It's just finding that precious resource known as TIME :)
    It looks like the last 4 sections you have listed are the ones I would be interested in as he didn't mobilise to the NRR until just after August "43"
    Thanks again for the info
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    I was recently in Lusaka, Zambia and visited the Anglian/COE catherderal there. In one of the side chappels were the colours of the Northern Rohdesian Regiment. I wish I had taken some pictures.
  10. astie

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    Thats fantastic news..... The Anglican \ COE church in Lusaka is the same church my parents were married in and where I was Christened.
    At that time the colours were still in the NRR Museum in Lusaka. Unfortunately I have not been able to even find out if the NRR museum even exists any more... certainly no searches pop up when flicking around the net.

    Funnily enough Bob ( who started this thread) actually got in touch with me and has passed on the contact details of the person he sold the captured flag to. Needless to say I am hoping to receive a reply some time in the not too distant future.
    I still have some family in SA \ Zambia so I hope one of them may be able to get some pics for me now I know where the colours are.. Thanks again for your info.

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