2/5th Queens royal regiment @ CAMINO

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    Hi all

    I am trying to build up a picture of my grandfathers death, Thomas William Rowe,Warrant Officer Class II of the The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey), 2/5th bn, service number 6780445.

    He was recorded deceased on 4th december '43 and is buried at Cassino. It looks as though he was in the 2nd assualt on Camino that began on the 2nd December. If anyone has any information they could pass on I would be most grateful or advice on how to find out more about what his battalion exactly did and what might have happened to him.
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    Hi there, the war diaries are the place to go to find out what the Battalion were up to. There might be a mention of your grandfather in the diary also.

    Check the National Archives website for details.

    Also the regimental website might be somewhere to start, as well as the Regimental Museum.

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    Go to the Members List and look up Rotherfield. Send him a Private Message.

    He is a whizz on the Battle of Monte Camino.


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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I've just got the regt's history so I'll post up the appropriate pages later.

    The Battalion also has a war diary at the National Archives in London-Let me know if you want a copy. You can find more out about diaries and the service I offer in the red link below:

    WO 169/10280 2/5 Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) 1943 Jan.- Dec.

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    From The History of The Queen's Royal Regiment by Foster


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    Apolgies for the late response .... I just wanted to give thanks to everyone who has helped me here and offered advice, thanks again.

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