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    Can anybody help? I have just received my father's war records. It says he was in the R A 2 Loyals 78 anti tank reg. I cannot find any reference to 78 anti tank reg anywhere. Also states he served with 98 A/T, cant find any reference and also 569 coast. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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    Hello Barry and welcome
    if you upload the records members can assist you further

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    The 78th Anti Tank Regiment was part of 2nd London Division 14.02.1943 - 08.11.1943 but where after that is a bit of a mystery. It isn't in the lists for France or the Netherlands. Worth looking in NW Africa and Italy
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    As far as I can make out, the 78th where in Italy in 1943 but not sure just where. My Dad joined them in 44. Where would you suggest looking? Thanks for the quick reply. The records are not that easy to read, very interesting though.
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    Now that would tie in with the records, according to which he was transferred to the Loyal regiment on 12 January 1944.

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    Using Lee's search engine, there are 2 war diaries held at Kew, both under Home Forces series WO 166.

    WO 166/7106 ROYAL ARTILLERY: ANTI-TANK REGIMENTS: 78 Regiment. 1942 Aug.- Dec.
    WO 166/11347 78 Regiment 1943 Jan.- Nov.
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    Beware Malware Bytes blocks the link as it says the site contains a Trojan
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    If you are hunting for information about the 2nd Loyals that can also become confusing. I believe the 2nd Loyals were 'lost' at the capitulation of Singapore in Feb 42, but about June 42, the 10th Loyals became the newly established 2nd Loyals.
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    I'm reading this as '' 3 Reserve ''
    Was there a 3rd Reserve battalion of the Loyals ?

    loyal snip.JPG

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