201899 Albert Victor HOPER, MBE, Royal Army Service Corps

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    Lieutenant (temporary Captain) Albert Victor Hoper, Royal Army Service Corps (attached Royal Indian Army Service Corps), was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire.
    During the whole period under review, this officer was second-in-command of the unit, and as such was responsible for the administrative work of the company. After troop carrying the 51st (Highland) Division throughout the Tripoli operations this unit concentrated at Benghazi by the middle of February and was at once ordered to prepare to carry the 4th (Indian) Division. Owing to the unsparing efforts of Captain Hoper the damage and deficiencies of the previous operations were made good in under ten days and the unit was able to move off to Tobruk to carry the 7th Indian Infantry Brigade with 100 per cent. vehicles on the road.

    On the march from Tobruk forward, orders were received for the 2nd Gurkha Rifles to proceed by double stages for a special mission in the forward area. As two platoons with young platoon commanders were involved, Captain Hoper volunteered to take charge of this party. I was later personally informed by the O.C. 2nd Gurkha Rifles of the excellent work Captain Hoper had done in getting the unit forward in forced time under difficult conditions.

    While this infantry unit was located in Medenine carrying out intensive patrols into Matmata Hills, Captain Hoper arranged the transport detail himself, and took out some of the largest parties of vehicles carrying patrols over no-man’s-land up to the hills. Throughout the operations this officer worked unsparingly, being always ready to turn out by day or night and spending long hours on the road, locating and seeing to the welfare of detached parties of this company.

    Since returning to lines of communication duty he has continued to set a high example of work and efficiency, holding several training courses for N.C.O.s, etc., in addition to his normal duties.

    Captain Hoper was born in Kilkenny.

    Name Hoper, Albert Victor
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Service No: 201899
    Regiment: Royal Army Service Corps
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Middle East (Egypt and Libya)
    Award: Member of British Empire
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 25 November 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/77

    29 August 1941
    Gazette Website: PDF Navigator
    The undermentioned Cadets,
    O.C.T.U's, to be 2nd Lts.:— from 16th Aug. 1941: —
    Albert Victor HOPER (201899)

    23 November 1943 [M.B.E.]
    Lieutenant (temporary Captain) Albert Victor Hoper (201899), Royal Army Service Corps attached Royal Indian Army Service Corps (Parkestone).

    17 July 1945
    Royal Army Service Corps.
    Maj. (temp.) A. V. HOPER, M.B.E. (201899).

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