2061389 Doug FOTHERGILL, Royal Artillery: POW story

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    During the current lockdown I have been sorting out old family history magazines, and found a two page story of Doug's time as a pow in Italy, his escape attempt & later time in camps in Austria.

    It was written by his wife Jean and published in Family Tree Magazine June 1995 issue. Jean was a regular contributor to that magazine.

    Doug joined a Royal Engineers TA Searchlight unit in 1938, which was transferred to the Royal Artillery. Mobilised from TA Summer Camp in 1939, served at Luton & later Hertfordshire, before travelling to Egypt on SS Tamoroa.

    Captured at the fall of Torbruck in 1942, & shipped to Brindisi, being later in camps at Capua & Macerata. When Italy surrendered, he escaped with five others, but was captured after 10 days attempting to walk to Switzerland over the Alps. This happened when cold & tired, they came across an Alpini hut full of Italian soldiers who then handed them over to the Germans.

    Doug then spends most of the rest of his war at Stalag 18A near Kapfenberg, Austria & near the end of the war was marched from here to Markt Pongu in Austria.

    There are no other names mentioned in the story.

    This I think is Doug as the camp number matches:
    Name: D R Fothergill
    Rank: Gunner
    Army Number: 2061389
    Regiment: Royal Artillery
    POW Number: 8081
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: XVIII-A
    Camp Location: Wolfsberg, Austria
    Record Office: Royal Artillery (Coast and Searchlight), Corps of Military Police and Military Provost Staff Corps Record Office, Savoy Hotel, Bournemouth

    I have I believe found their marriage & also that sadly both may have since passed away, Douglas Ralph Fothergill in 1998.

    If any one is interested in the full article I will try to up load it or maybe easier for me to pass it on via PM & normal e-mail. Also happy to check it for any info.
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    Hello Travers,

    I am interested in his failed escape attempt and would be happy if you could post me the pages via a private message,


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    Hi Vitellino

    I am back at a somewhere to scan the doc this weekend, so will do then.
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    Look forward to reading it

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