21 Army Group Headquarter Locations

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    The After the Battle Magazine did an issue on the Tactical HQ's of Montgomery:


    See: ISSUE No. 181 - After the Battle
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    Thanks. I've the Dutch version and that isn't that far yet (I think we're at 178). I'll try contacting the writer.
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    I think you can order the (later) British copies directly via the web-site.

    Good luck with your research.
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    Unfortunately I can't order this issue or any issue from Canada. I am interested in the location of his HQ in November 1944.
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    Alastair Horne and David Montgomery jointly wrote a book called the Lonely Leader which was based around the locations of Monty's TAC Headquarters 21st Army Group published in 1994 ... each location is shown on the end plates to the book ... this may help ...
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  7. Historic Steve

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    I did not know that Bourg Leopold was a location of 21AG HQ... that's relevant to me. Thanks for posting the interesting map!

    (It's also interesting in a sense how very much they moved in a straight line.)
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  9. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Main and Rear HQ will have been a different route, as at 1 May 45, Main was Süchteln, Stadtkreis Viersen west of Krefeld in the US sector and rear in Brussels, you may be interested to know have found post VE Day Bourg Leopold was a depot for the Belgium Army.
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    Was Bourg Leopold a Belgian military location prior to the war as well? There was an RA firing range at Lommel 19km to the north, and I think that had already been the location of a Belgian artillery firing range.
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    Yes, it was a military camp from 1885.
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    Thank you all for your responses.
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    From the ATB magazine it looks like Monty's headquarters was in Geldrop from Feb 7 to March 9, 1945 (Map Reference 484162) before moving to Venlo. from March 10 - 16 (Map Reference 886123) before crossing into Germany.

    The magazine has detailed maps that I could scan for you if you are interested.



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