211029 Leslie Harold Mavers - (one of) Montys Driver(s)

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    A few bits belonging to Cpl Mavers, he served in the RASC and in North Africa, Sicily and Italy he was 2nd Driver for Monty and later drove Leese.

    There was a previous thread about him here Cpl Mavers: An Oliver Leese Connection? so hopefully this adds a bit to his story.

    There is a blog that has some photos of him The Mavers Collection and from that you can see that at times as passengers he had Monty, King George VI, Leese, Alexander, Smuts, Alexander and Brooke - I wonder who else he drove for - Churchill and Cunningham are also in the photos but not clear if he was driving for them.

    If anyone has any books on Monty or Leese can they have a quick check of the index to see if he gets a mention - I need to look out for more photos of him in the drivers seat and fingers crossed some video - searching for Mavers on the IWM archive it brings up a photo but with no preview

    IMG_20191220_0004.jpg IMG_20191220_0003.jpg IMG_20191220_0005.jpg IMG_20191220_0006.jpg

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