22 CAR Canadian Grenadier Guards Tank Casualty List

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by KevinT, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Just found a short list of tank casualties from 22 CAR.
    Can anyone explain the meaning of W, X, Y and Z codes.



  2. m kenny

    m kenny Senior Member

    X Casualty = reparable within 24 hours
    Y Casualty = Over 24 hours, requires assistance from repair personnel and likely to be repairable by unit fitters and light aid detachments or second line workshops.
    Z Casualty = requires extensive repair or replacement involving evacuation.
    Zw = Total loss, burnt out.

    War diaries : T-12729 - Héritage
  3. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Thanks for the clarification.
    There are some interesting documents in this file., which I should have included the link - sorry, attached mentions the Centurion and Black Prince, Alecto, Centaur Kangaroo? ( never seen or heard of one) but the document does not seem to be dated. In an earlier document it mentions the Coventry Armoured Car.


    Kevin oocihm.lac_reel_t12729_data_sip_data_files_0627.jpg.jpg oocihm.lac_reel_t12729_data_sip_data_files_0631.jpg.jpg oocihm.lac_reel_t12729_data_sip_data_files_0632.jpg.jpg oocihm.lac_reel_t12729_data_sip_data_files_0636.jpg.jpg oocihm.lac_reel_t12729_data_sip_data_files_0645.jpg.jpg oocihm.lac_reel_t12729_data_sip_data_files_0647.jpg.jpg

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