223985 Harold Douglas EDDY, MC, Royal Army Medical Corps attached 5 Grenadier Guards

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    Eddy, Harold Douglas
    Rank: Captain
    Service No: 223985
    Regiment: 5 Grenadier Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia)
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 22 July 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/2

    24th Guards Brigade, 1st Division, 5 Corps
    223985 Captain Harold Douglas EDDY, ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS, attached 5th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    This Officer has displayed most outstanding courage and devotion to duty throughout the operations of this Battalion, 22nd April - 6th May.

    During the night attack on the GRICH EL OUED positions on 22nd April he moved level with the assaulting Companies and established his Regimental Aid Post on the objective immediately it was gained.

    Throughout the next 24 hours he worked under shell and mortar fire with exemplary courage. He again moved with the Battalion during the night attacks on Points 119 and 131 and established his Regimental Aid Post within a few minutes of the objective being gained. Here the R.A.P. received a direct hit by a shell but continued to function uninterruptedly under Captain EDDY's fine leadership in spite of some casualties.

    On being established upon Point 171 after the attack on DJEBEL BOU AOUKAZ, the R.A.P. again received a direct hit from a mortar boom, in spite of which this Officer continued his work of evacuation, showing calm resolution and complete disregard for his own personal safety under heavy and accurate mortar fire.

    I cannot overstate the admiration felt by all ranks for this Officer's unfaltering gallantry.

    Signed G.C. GORDON-LENNOX, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 5th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    Granted M.C.
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