2344684 Signalman Arthur Chappell Gibson Royal Signals M.M.

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    The recommendation states "During the operation of 27 May 1942 to 5 July 1942 whilst the Signal Squadron was serving with H.Q. 4Armd Bde. Sgm. Gibson was rear link operator on the Brigade Commander's Tank"

    Can anyone identify who "the Brigade Commander" was?

    Signalman Gibson was wounded in Italy on 4th September 1944.
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    Brigadier G. W. Richards, DSO, M.C.

    He became commanding officer of 4th Armoured Brigade in April, 1942, saw action at the Battle of Gazala in May, 1942. He then became Commander of the 1st Army Tank Brigade in July, 1942 and took part in the First Battle of Alamein later that month.

    January, 1940 to April, 1941 Brigadier J. A. L. Caunter
    April, 1941 to April, 1942 Brigadier A. H. Gatehouse
    April, 1942 to July, 1942 Brigadier G. W. Richards
    July, 1942 to September, 1942 Brigadier W. G. Carr
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    Thanks David, really appreciated.

    So now some research on the Brigadier.

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