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    A place for some information on the "Regimental HQ" and "HQ" squadron of the 24th Lancers

    (Various info to add etc.)

    Regimental HQ

    Lieutenant Colonel: W.A.C.Anderson


    Major: (2nd in Command): Major George Learmouth Streeter MC (44977)



    Captain J.E. Boisseau (Technical Adjutant) - (190475)

    Captain Marmaduke/Markaduke* John MATTHEWS (132586) - 24th Lancers' Regimental Signals Officer.
    * London Gazette.

    Captain Herbert Walmsley Higginson (Adjutant) - (229188)

    Captain Basil Frewin (170311)

    Intelligence Officer: James Kenneth GILL (184250).



    Lt. David Voller
    Lt. J.K. Gill
    Lt. T.R. Parsons
    Lt. A.K. Wareham
    Lt. K.M. Reader

    Adjutant - Rear link to Brigade:

    The "HQ" Squadron

    Squadron HQ - 2 cars, 1 truck

    Ack-Ack Troop - 6 crusader ACK ACK Tanks

    Recce Troop - 11 Stuart Light Tanks

    Intercomm Troop - 9 Humber Scout Cars

    Administration Troop - A Echelon, B Echelon - Lorries and trucks


    REME - Light Aid Attachment

    RAMC - Captain - Medical Officer - Douglas Aitken



    R.A.Ch.D. - Captain S.H.Atkins, was posted to the Regiment and commenced duties as Chaplain 13/11/42 (Ref. 24th L WD)

    R.A.Ch.D. - Captain - Padre Mark Green (From 3rd June 1943) - (Ref. NHL p117)



    R.C.Signals - Signal Troop
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    Some 24th Lancer "Regimental HQ" & "HQ" Squadron links, threads and posts etc....


    RSM Langridge, H.

    WOII RQMS Foote, Lionel Edward (Jackie)

    SQMS Joscelyne, L.C.

    QMS Ives, R.

    QMS Powell, R.

    SSM Manning H.N.


    Sergeant Vic Andrews - wia

    Sergeant Brown, D.R. -

    Sergeant Cowell, Herbet - On 24th L welfare doc declared WIA and died subsequently of wounds 12d6m1944

    Sergeant Douglas, F.H. -

    Sergeant (RQMS) Foote, Lionel Edward (Jackie)

    Sergeant Griffiths, H.L.

    Sergeant (QMS) Ives

    Sergeant (SQMS) Joscelyne, L.C.

    Sergeant (RSM) Langridge

    Sergeant Malt, J.H.

    Sergeant (SSM) Manning

    Sgt. McMahon, David / Dave. - wia with 24th L. Later kia with 2nd F&F - Casualty Details | CWGC

    Sergeant Osgerby R.

    Sergeant Patrick, C.T.

    Sergeant (QMS) Powell

    Sgt. Richardson, J.G. -

    Sgt. Taylor -

    Sergeant Thornley, E.S. -

    Sgt. Woodmansee - wia


    Corporal Aslett, A.H.
    Corporal Andrews, V. (Vic) H. (Later Sergeant)
    Corporal Barber, R.S. - Army service number 7927854
    Corporal Berry, T.
    Corporal Blair, N.
    Corporal Brookfield, R.
    Corporal Cunningham, J
    Corporal Dunger, A
    Corporal Dutchen, H.
    Corporal Field, E.
    Corporal Forsythe, W.N.
    Corporal Grant, S.P.
    Corporal Keene, S.P.
    Corporal Kirby, Frederick Joseph Edward - KIA 12d6m1944

    Corporal Mason, S.W.

    Corporal Nield, J.D.

    Corporal Offer, L.

    Corporal Packman A.P.
    Corporal Parfitt, C.R.J.

    Corporal Ratcliffe, K.C.
    Corporal Reynolds, F.A.
    Corporal Rudd, R.S.

    Corporal Salmon, F.J.
    Corporal Samuels, N.
    Corporal Smith, E.W.
    Corporal Stiff, C.J.
    Corporal Sturtridge, W.G.

    Corporal Tubb, L.W.

    Corporal Warriss, D.R.
    Corporal Williams, P.J.

    Lance Corporal Armstrong, William Currie - KIA 13d7m1944
    Lance Corporal Jordan, Sidney H. - Died 8d1m1944
    Lance Corporal Tucker, J.W.G.
    Lance Corporal Whitbread V.S.
    Lance Corporal Williams, H.L.
    Lance Corporal Worth, L.


    Allen, A.J.
    Amer, A.H.
    Anderson, R.

    Barber, W.K.
    Barkell, J.
    Bartholomew, J.
    Barton, L.F.
    Bachelor, W.
    Bayliss, F.W.
    Bean, L.C.
    Beattie, J.E.
    Bendall, W.P.
    Birmingham, F.
    Blaxall, W.H.
    Bown, A.W.
    Bradshaw, J.W.
    Brookes, J: Trooper. Transferred to 22Dngs - 4/8/1944
    Brooks, L.R.
    Brown, J.R.
    Browne, A.W.
    Burnett, C.W.
    Borrows, S.
    Butterfield, J

    Chapman, W.G.
    Christian, G.E.
    Christley, Eric :
    Clarke, R.
    Clebanoff, H.
    Clough, W.J.
    Clutterbuck, J.
    Cooke, J.F.
    Courtney, H.L.
    Cox, G.E.
    Critchley, R.

    Dale, J.
    Davenport, G.E.
    Davie, N.
    Davies, J.A.
    Dawkins, A. (Slim) - 1/2 track driver.
    Denton, R.W.
    Drew, R.W.
    Drodge, J.L.
    Dunsford, H - ack, ack troop - wia - ref. 24th Lancers Newsletter: 'Lancer Life'.

    Eades, L.F. - wia
    Edwards, G.
    Egleton, A.F.
    Ellis, E.T.
    Elms, A.S.

    Falconer, Reginald D. - Died 9d2m1943 : Casualty
    Farage, H.S.
    Firth, J.D.
    Floyd, A.
    Ford, N.

    Gaskell, Richard - see... 24th Lancers - Roll of Honour
    George, A.J.
    Goldberg, H.
    Gooch, R.A.
    Goody, B.
    Granger, J.
    Griffin, F.E.

    Hargrave, F.
    Harrison, H.F.
    Harrison, W.
    Harwin, A.W.
    Heavens, L.C.
    Herbert, B.
    Hill, E.G.
    Holden, A.
    Horner, A.C.
    Howland, F.J.
    Hughes, P.B.
    Huntley, W.K.

    Jackson, D.A.
    Jeffers, M.
    Jeffery, C.T.
    Johncock, C.H.
    Johnson, C.T.

    Keeble, J.
    Kinnett, R.J.
    Knowles, W.C.

    Lake, A.F. - Casualty Details | CWGC
    Latimer, J.
    Ledward, J.A.
    Lynch, D.

    Manning, E.E.
    Marchant, A.
    Mark well, W.G.
    Masters, L.
    McFarlane, R.
    McGuire, G.E.
    McKay, W.
    McKenzie, R.
    McLaughlin, J.
    Mellors, E.R.
    Merritt, E.J.
    Midgley, G.
    Moore, Jack - On 24th L welfare doc declared WIA and died subsequently of wounds 10d6m1944
    Morris, C.T.
    Mountain, C.S.
    Mustey, I.C.

    Needleman, N.
    Newcombe, E.C.
    Newman, J.F.

    Oram, T.
    Ott, L.F.
    Ottewill, W.J.

    Park, P.L.
    Parr, B.H
    Parrish, T.A.
    Paterson, T.
    Pearce, E.
    Pearson, A.B.
    Corporal Peverett, L.
    Phillips, M.A.
    Pitt, R.A.J.
    Plunkett, J.W.
    Potton, A.E.
    Presland, L.H. : 1/2 track driver
    Price, V.A.
    Price, H.E.

    Ramsden, N.
    Redgrave, H.
    Reeves, G.H.H.
    Richardson, A. J. (or A.S.?) : WIA - 19d11m1944 - Initially HQ 24th L. Possibly moved whilst in Normandy into B or C Squadron of the 24th L - Not currently sure which. Ref. in Cropper's book "Dad's War" as going into "B" Squadron SRY 4d8m1944
    Ripley, A.J.
    Risker, W.H.
    Ross, R.E.
    Rowbottom, H.
    Russell, D.

    Sandham, F.C.
    Scott, E.
    Scull, G.J.
    Shaddick, G.
    Shanahan, P.
    Shearing, P.H.
    Sisley, R.E.
    Skinner, W.A.
    Slocombe, A.H.
    Smart, T.P.
    Smith, A.R.
    Smith, T.F.
    Smith, J.W.
    Smith, J.
    Smith, V.J.
    Spears, J.
    Starkie, W.
    Stebbing, F.W.(Bill)
    Stewart, R.
    Strank, G.A.
    Strafford, J.J.W.
    Strong, T.H.

    Tague, P.
    Thompson, S.
    Trafford, H.
    Tulk, J.H.
    Turner, H.
    Tutin, T.H.
    Tyson, G.W.

    Vetter, Norman - KIA 8d6m1944 - Casualty Details | CWGC

    Wagstaff, Frank Gordon - KIA 8d6m1944 - Casualty Details | CWGC
    Ward, C.E.
    Ward, T.A.W.
    Watkinson, L.R. - mentioned as travelling with the 24th Lancers' MO.
    Watson, F.W.
    Webb, F.W.
    Webster, G.J.
    Weinberg, E.B.
    Wellstead, G.H.
    Westbooke, E.G.
    Western, F.J.
    Wigmore, B.W.
    Wills, L.R.
    Wood, J.R.
    Wooder, L.G.

    York, F

    (More to add in edit etc)
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    Some 24th Lancer "Regimental HQ" & "HQ" Squadron events...

    (To add in edit etc.)

    24th L - War Diary - 20d11m1942 - The fighting troop of Regtl HQ won the 29 Armd Bde drill competition.

    Lance Corporal Sidney H. Jordan - Died 8d1m1943

    Trooper Reginald D. Falconer - Died 9d2m1943 : Casualty

    Trooper Norman Vetter - KIA 8d6m1944

    Trooper Frank Gordon Wagstaff - KIA 8d6m1944

    Trooper Jack Moore - On 24th L welfare doc declared WIA and died subsequently of wounds 10d6m1944

    Sergeant Herbet Cowell - On 24th L welfare doc declared WIA and died subsequently of wounds 12d6m1944

    Corporal Frederick Joseph Edward Kirby - KIA 12d6m1944

    Lance Corporal William Currie Armstrong - KIA 13d7m1944


    Sgt. Woodmansee

    Sgt. McMahon

    Sgt. Andrews

    Trooper Eades
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Re. RAMC - Captain - Medical Officer - Douglas Aitken


    Wellcome Library | Photocopy of typed transcript of the diary of Dr. Aitken, Regimental Medical Officer, 24th Lancers, June-July 1944, during the invasion of Normandy

    Photocopy of typed transcript of the diary of Dr. Aitken, Regimental Medical Officer, 24th Lancers, June-July 1944, during the invasion of Normandy

    Content description
    Ts transcription (44pp) of an account covering his service with the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) as Medical Officer to the 24th Lancers (8th Armoured Brigade, XXX Corps) from May to July 1944, describing the preparations for their crossing to France, arrival on 7 June 1944 and advance through Normandy, their first action, its effect on the men and their first casualties, his Regimental Aid Post and a typical day's work, his exhaustion and the effect on his morale of the death of friends in the Regiment, the accidental death of a soldier, a series of tank battles around Bayeux and in the 'Bocage' and the resulting casualties, and also criticising a disorganized Field Ambulance.
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    Good find...
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    Trooper F.W. (Bill) Stebbing

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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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    Bill sadly died earlier this year.
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    Bill Stebbings obituary which was published in the Royal Tank Regiment Journal.

    Frederick William (Bill) Stebbing was born on 28th September 1923 in Bury St Edmunds, the fifth child of Frederick & Alice Stebbing. Bill was slightly outnumbered by his 4 sisters, Doris, Alice, Margery & Joan. He attended Culford School, but out of school he would often help out at the family business (his father was a baker and owned a bakery). He was 16 when WWII erupted and he became a fire watcher, armed with a fire bucket and pump, ready to deal with any incendiary bombs. He was of course still helping out at the bakery at the same time.

    Bill was conscripted into the army in 1942, and he was keen to drive vehicles so was pleased to join the Royal Armoured Corps. He began his basic training at Boyce Barracks in Aldershot and did his RAC training at Barnard Castle in Co Durham and at Bovington. Following the completion of his trade training he spent a frustrating time at Bovington waiting for a posting to a Regiment. He eventually got his posting and joined the 24th Lancers in Bridlington. He was thrilled, even more so when they moved south, not too far from his home.

    He was one of a group of soldiers from the Regiment sent to collect 6 specialist tanks, these were Crusader Tanks, armed with twin 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons and were used to protect the Regiment from enemy fighter bombers. Bill’s tank developed a mechanical fault and once repaired the mechanics wanted it to go on a test run. Bill told them he knew an excellent test route. So off they went, straight to Bury St Edmunds, straight to the family bakery where Bill showed mum and dad his new “Company Car”

    The 24th Lancers were in the second wave of the Normandy Landings, some including Bill arriving at Gold Beach about 2 weeks after D Day. As we have seen, his role was to protect the Regiment from enemy fighter bombers, however very few were ever seen. The main threat to Bill and his comrades was the ever-present danger of artillery and mortar fire which could and often did arrive suddenly and without warning.

    Despite the seemingly historic title, the 24th Lancers were in fact a newly formed (1940) “hostilities only” Regiment and as such were likely to be one of the first to be selected for disbandment if required. This happened at the end of July 1944, the soldiers being sent to make up the numbers in other depleted Regiments. Bill joined the 5th Royal Tank Regiment and helped man a number of Sherman & Cromwell tanks as a “spare” crewman. He then became part of the permanent crew in another specialist tank. This vehicle was a Cromwell tank fitted with a 95mm Howitzer, there were two per Squadron and were often used to fire over the Squadron’s tanks at dug in targets, so the forward tanks did not have to give their positions away by engaging in direct fire. They were also used to provide smoke screens. Bill remained with 5 RTR for the duration of the conflict ending the war in the city of Hamburg. Shortly after hostilities ceased, he went on an NCO course and was promoted to L/Cpl and later Cpl. He returned to the UK in 1947 as part of a detachment escorting German POW’s to camps in the UK. He did not return to Germany and was demobbed shortly afterwards.

    Bill returned home and resumed his position at the family bakery. It was in Bury St Edmunds that he met Joan Grainger and they married in September 1948. He eventually took over the bakery from his father. With the creation of larger businesses including bakeries, the small independent players found it difficult to compete with the giants and Bill made the very difficult decision to sell the family business. He continued as a baker but was now working for somebody else. Bill and his family moved to several locations in this capacity and in the 1960’s arrived in Bournemouth where they stayed.

    Bill was a long-standing member of the Bournemouth, Poole & District Branch, Royal Tank Regiment Association. Even in his later years he was an almost ever-present attendee at the branch monthly meetings. He twice represented the branch at Buckingham Palace Garden Parties and participated in the D Day 75 celebrations in Poole in 2019. He was our last surviving Normandy veteran and all branch members were thrilled and proud when he visited HHQ RTR to receive the Legion d’honneur (Legion of Honour) medal awarded by the French Government to the surviving Normandy veterans.

    Bill died on 19th July 2020 from natural causes age 96. His wife Joan predeceased him in 2012 after 63 years of marriage. He is survived by his children, Chris, Tim, Richard and Caroline and his foster son Paul, 7 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

    Attached Files:

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    T156721 - Stuart - Dorothy - ? 24th Lancers ? 8th Armoured. Newmarket film #3 At 8m35s



    And... re...
    T156765 - Stuart - ? 24th Lancers ? 8th Armoured. Newmarket3 - 8min31s

    I think that this also appears in the Vehicle list (later, after the 24th Lancers was disbanded) as -

    "T156765 - Stuart - "Bad Penny" - Vehicle list. 11th Armoured Division. 3rd September 1945."
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Due to the order in which these pictures were taken, these are perhaps also 24th Lancers. Unfortunately the background though is rather blurred. IWM H37583.




    Whilst this, for instance taken earlier - with the "994" - 4th/7th RDG. IWM H37568 PREPARATIONS FOR SECOND FRONT AN ARMOURED BRIGADE'S MOVEMENT TRAINING

    Also - some BBC audio (7mins) of Bill Stebbing -

    Julian Clegg - Remembrance 2017: Tales from a WWII tank driver from Dorset - BBC Sounds

    - who was in the 24th Lancers' aa troop - HQ Squadron.
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    24th L - War Diary -

    20/11/42 The fighting troop of Regtl HQ won the 29 Armd Bde drill competition.
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Re. The 24th Lancers : Ack-Ack Troop

    Equipped with 6 Crusader Ack-Ack Tanks.
    Crusader tank - Wikipedia

    Crew : 3.

    Possibly therefore 6x3 = 18 individuals in the Troop.
    1 x Troop Lt. 1 x Troop Sergeant. 1 x Troop Corporal. There may have been other NCO's in the Ack-Ack i.e. the Lt. and Troop Sergeant might have had an NCO in their ack-ack for wireless etc.

    Currently "Known" to be in 24th Lancers Ack-Ack....

    Ack-Ack Troop Commander -
    As yet unknown. Lt. Reader is perhaps a candidate. Lt.Reader replaced Lt.Voller as the leader of the Recce Troop in mid-July'44, and Lt. Reader's role prior to that might possibly have been leading the Ack-Ack.

    Ack-Ack Troop Sergeant -
    As yet unknown.

    Ack-Ack Troop Corporal -
    As yet unknown.

    Troopers - (currently only 2 of 15, are "known" - plus unknown #'s replacement(s) )

    F.W. "Bill" Stebbing -

    H. Dunsford - wia in Normandy - see -

    Dunsford's replacement in the Ack-Ack - person as yet unknown.


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