2621363 Stephen SCOTT, MM, 6 Grenadier Guards

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    Scott, Stephen
    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2621363
    Regiment: 6 Grenadier Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 24 February 1944
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/4

    201st Guards Brigade, 56th Division, 10 Corps
    2621363 Guardsman Stephen SCOTT, 6th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    TABORRA, 26th September

    During an attack Northwards on Point 270 this Guardsman showed himself to be a soldier of outstanding courage and initiative.

    Finding his Platoon was held up by a Spandau post, and without any orders, he worked his Bren gun forward single-handed under heavy automatic an mortar fire to a position from which he could engage the post in question.

    By this means he wiped out 2 Spandau posts and rejoined his Section which were then able to continue the advance.

    His total disregard of danger was an inspiration to at the rest of his Platoon,

    Signed W. KINGSMILL, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 6th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    Granted an Immediate M.M.
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