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    I recently discovered that what I'd thought to be an ad-hoc organisation within the GAD, was in fact 268 FDS. Bovington have provided the 268's War Diary which is all the Unit's archival material they hold.

    My interest: my Father 2657980 Gdsm David Blyth was attached to 268 FDS from 1st (Armoured) Battalion Coldstream Guards. His one of two Shermans "issued" to 2nd (Armoured) Battalion 3 August 1944. The tank crewed by Coldstreamers & commanded by an Irish Guards officer,was knocked out at La Marvindiere 24hrs later.

    Grateful for any further information on 268 FDS or where it may be found please. Thank you.
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    268 Forward Delivery Squadron RAC. War Diary extracts;

    Started life as "N" Squadron Tank Delivery Unit RAC
    OC Major RCRM Clarke Grenadier Guards

    01 January 1944 Opening entry, Knayton Camp North Riding Of Yorkshire.
    29 " " Unit designation changed to 268 Forward Delivery Squadron RAC
    27 July 1945 Final entry,Braak Germany. OC Major JLL Savill Irish Guards

    For the statisticians. AFVs Delivered to Units up to 08 May 1945

    Sherman V 417
    Firefly 136
    Sherman OP 55
    " ARV 9
    Cromwell 75mm 124
    " 95mm 9
    Challenger 27
    Stuart VI 85
    Chaffee 20
    Odds n' Sods 149
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