26th Assault SQ - Looking for Report snippet 26 October 1944 - LSgt Snelling

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    I am looking for a report, diary, especialy dated 26 October 1944, with information on LSgt Ronald SNELLING please.

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    For the record, full CWGC details:
    Lance Serjeant SNELLING, RONALD
    Service Number 1886350
    Died 26/10/1944
    Aged 25
    26 Assault Sqn., Royal Engineers
    M M
    Son of Wilfred and Olive Snelling, of Hull.
    Location: Zeeland, Netherlands
    Number of casualties: 3
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Grave 148.
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    Recommendation for Award for Snelling, Ronald Rank: LSerjeant Service No: ... | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 373/48/300
    Name Snelling, Ronald
    Rank: LSerjeant
    Service No: 1886350
    Regiment: Corps of Royal Engineers
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North West Europe
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 31 August 1944

    Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 10.40.56.png

    1886359 Lance-Serjeant Ronald SNELLING, 26 Assault Squadron, ROYAL ENGINEERS
    7 Brigade, 1 Corps

    H+30 mins, 6 June 1944, 900 yards West of COURSEULLES harbour

    L/Sgt. SNELLING, who was commanding an AVRE which landed at H Hour in a fire swept area behind the beach, found that the release gear of the obstacle breaching equipment of another AVRE of his troop had failed. As this crew were all casualties, he unhesitatingly left his tank and climbed to a completely exposed position on top of the equipment, where he prepared and placed explosives charges on the steal road, which, when cut, released the equipment and allowed work to be continued on a vital beach exit. By his complete disregard of his own personal safety he was an inspiration to those about him on this exit.

    London Gazette, 31 August 1944 :
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Normandy:—
    The Military Medal.
    No. 1886350 Lance-Sergeant Ronald Snelling, Corps of Royal Engineers (Hull).
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    Thank you so much for this ! He is burried in my town, and I want to commemorate him in the best descent way.
    I would also like to find out in which circumstances he was killed.
    I believe he might have been wounded earlier in September 1944, and blind at one eye, treated by a Dutch doctor. But that was in September, so I do not know what happened after that....
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    Thank you, it's not digitized yet, so no download possibilities I noticed...
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    A report from the War Diary that mentions Lance Serjeant Snelling.



    DSCF2622  OCT.jpg
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    Danny, you make our day ! Together with dbf ! This is what we hoped for.
    Hope to be equaly lucky with my search on the 297Coy RASC, dated 2 november, for Driver ALLAN and Lt GOOCH.
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    Dear Danny, thank you so much again. I have 3 pages in the brochure now, I have also a contact within the family.
    His nephew's wife is a bit confused about where and when he was wounded.
    Probably this is October 12th, in the battle for Breskens/Hoofdplaat at the Scheldt.
    They Always thought he was in Arnhem, that was not correct.

    Is there anyting in the reports about him being wounded on October 12th please.
    I think she would be pleased to know (and me too of course).
    In the newspapers something is mentioned about being temporary blind at one eye.
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    Found this in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated 8th Nov 1944.
    Sorry about the photo quality but if you click on the image it should enlarge and make reading a little easier.

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    Thanks Graham,

    yes, this article was also sent to me by his cousin. They believe he was wounded October 12th, so I am desperately seeking that report where he is mentioned.
    Thank you so much
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    rs2.jpg A few records here, hope it helps.
    Graham. edited, posted the same record twice by mistake.
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    There is no mention in the WD of Lance Serjeant Snelling being wounded on the 12th.

    The report list four casualties, 2 KIA and 2 wounded, for that operation.

    He may have been with the Terrapin Troop which was under the command of 82 Assault Squadron, ferrying to Amber and Green Beaches.

    The 82 Assault Squadron War Diary has no information about casualties.

    82 Assault Squadron : LVT’s and Terrapins operating on Sovojaards Plaat.


  14. fiwi463pfa

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    Thank you Graham, just got back from the Armistice Day commemorations.
    Thank you for the 2 documents, I had the second one already, but I did NOT have the one listing him as wounded in action, therefore MANY thanks !

    Danny, thanks too, I have the after action report for the 26th, his Buffalo was hit by artillery at Green Beach in the morning. He was killed on the spot unfortunately.

    The above document confirms him being wounded on the 12th, that must have been actions in the liberation of Hoofdplaat and Breskens.
    The unit saw action there on that date.

    Unfortunately the family of LSgt Snelling told me last week they did not have any photographs. They think his grandparents might have had some, but they are no longer with us.
    I wonder if there is a group picture of the 26th Assault Sq with LSgt Snelling.
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    Dear friends, thank you for all the input, I have now all I needed for the Christmas Eve Brochure.

    The only thing I do not have is his picture, but that will never be possible I am affraid.

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