2758559 William Saunders - 2nd Bn Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment): 19/02/1943

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    Good evening,

    I have medals which I was given after my Grandmother passed. I believe that they belonged to a relative of my Grandfather. From the small brown box containing the medals and from the additional piece of medal information. I found the following: 2758559 W Saunders. From what I have researched so far, I have found out the following:

    Name: William Saunders
    Given Initials: W
    Rank: Private
    Death Date: 19/02/1943 (19 Feb 1943)
    Number: 2758559
    Birth Place: Fife
    Residence: Fife
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: India
    Regiment at Death: Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
    Branch at Death: Infantry

    I would appreciate any information on how to find out more information about William, and his Black Watch history, can anyone give me any pointers on where to look for more information? I live in Fife, and worked in Perth for many years so getting around this area is simple enough for me.

    Many thanks
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    According to FMP casualty lists he was in the second battalion and died as a result of an accident.

    He was also wounded on 24/10/41 in Cyrecaina.

    The Black Watch museum in Perth may have some info.

    To find exactly how he died will need his service records. These are obtained via the MOD.

    Hope this helps.

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    Welcome aboard. Others may come along and help. Always apply for his Service Record, even if the turnaround is reported as a year plus now. See: Get a copy of military service records Upload the records here once you've obtained them and then the forum can get to work on them.

    Please do not pay for any site on the internet who promise you his service records they will not have them, and you would have wasted your money.

    Adding what you have already found can help, saves others from duplication.

    I have noted the 'Other Ranks' rarely feature in Google searches unless they have been awarded gallantry medals or written their memoirs.

    Searching Google will sometimes bring you back here. The site’s search engine is rather simple. You must be agile and keep going.

    War diaries can contain almost anything. At the very least, they give the daily movements and most important actions of every unit. They may also contain information on casualties, message logs, rolls of officers (but not O.R.'s), maps, orders, and much else. They are available at the PRO to everyone. Drew5233 and some others are willing to scan them for the benefit of those who cannot get to the National Archives at Kew.

    It depends of course how much you want to know, just one battle or campaign for an example.

    Please come back and tell us what you found. Scanning threads it is clear some discover the site years after your posts and add their information or request help. Good luck.
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  4. dbf

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    Full CWGC details, just for the record
    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 2758559
    Regiment & Unit: Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 2nd Bn.
    Date of Death: Died 19 February 1943
    Age 23 years old
    Buried or commemorated at RANCHI WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: 1. C. 11.
    Location: India
    Additional Info: Son of John W. Saunders and Christina Saunders, of St. Andrews, Fife.
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    Thanks Gus, I apreciate your help on this.
  6. Gary Black

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    Thank you David, I will let you know all of my findings.
  7. Gary Black

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    Thank you for the information dbf, much appreciated.

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