2804 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment

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    Hi All

    Looking through the Operations Record Book for this squadron (1943 I think) it states that they were being kitted out for hot weather locations but never found out where as the move never took place. Shortly after they were attached to 2 TAF for "That Normandy Thing" as Tom once said on the BBCWW2 Site.

    Does anyone know where they were originally to be sent - My Dad was part of the Squadron but never found out. He always said that as they had tropical gear they were probably going to Russia!!:)

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    I've asked my dad (Peter Howell) who was a gunner in a Humber Snipe with 2804 sqn at Normandy and he tells me that along with a great many other military units, they were issued with tropical kit as a ploy to fool any Jerry Spies. After the war they were issued once again with Tropical kit and told they were being posted to the Azores. The first they knew that this was also a ploy (this time aimed at jewish terrorists in Palestine) was when they docked at Port Said in Egypt. At this point they had lost their Humber armoured cars in favour of the larger Staghound armoured cars which resembled a Sherman tank with wheels.
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