2979637 Pte James QUEEN, 2A&SH: Escaped Singapore Feb-42

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    Looking for some assistance in tracing info on a bloke who was in Singapore in February 1942. Known details are:
    • Private James (Jimmy) Queen 2979637
    • Parents lived in Rutherglen, Glasgow in 1942
    • 2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
    • Received the India Service Medal 1936/7
    • In Singapore in February 1942
    • Casualty List's in Feb-42 have him originally listed as Missing, corrected in May-42 simply saying 'incorrect, original entry to be deleted'.
    • Another list has him shown under 2979637 but with the initial D Queen - assume initial is a simple admin error - stating Escaped between 12-Feb 42 and 15-Feb-42
    Supporting images shown below.
    Looking for anything additional on his time in the service, but particularly keen to find anything about his escape from Singapore or what happened after......

    Service record will be applied for, just wonder if there's anything you guys could add in the meantime.

    Much appreciated.


    • Queen, James 3.jpg Queen, James 2.jpg Queen, James 4.jpg

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