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    The attached is a PDF file of 1 page, HQ Squadron, from National Archives.
    I have copies of the vehicles / crews and numbers for the whole regiment as at 6th June 1944.
    If anyone is interested in any particular squadron / vehicle or crew man let me know.



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    Hi, Have you any info on J.A.Oliver (2723305) who was in 2 Irish guards guardsman radio gunner? in a tank, landed in France but killed 2-08-1944. thanks in advance
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    On the listing I have there is a Guardsman G. Oliver 2723305 Gunner / Operator

    No. 3 Squadron. No. 4 Troop
    Sherman V T147738
    Full crew:-
    Lieutenant A.G. Cole - Troop Officer
    Guardsman H. Parkinson - Driver / Mechanic
    Guardsman G. Oliver - Gunner / Operator
    Corporal F. Atkinson - Gunner / Mechanic
    Guardsman W. Carson - Gunner / Mechanic

    Hope this helps.



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