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    Dear all,

    I am doing researches on the 47th Infantry Regiment (9th Inf Div) doing the battle of Normandy and I am looking for the name of the commander (major or lieutenant-colonel) of the 2nd Battalion : he is reported to be KIA on June 20th when confronting the defense belt of Cherbourg near Acqueville.

    I can't find his name nor that of his replacement.

    Any help in this request would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    9th Infantry Division Photos @ VZW's Military Tributes (vincentzwhaley.com)

    The above link has wrong rank but click it anyway, more info & a photo there.

    9th Infantry Division Photos @ VZW's Military Tributes (vincentzwhaley.com)
    James D. Johnston | American Battle Monuments Commission (abmc.gov)
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    Many thanks Owen for the quick answer!

    It seems he was wounded and not KIA on June 20th (date to be still confirmed), but DOW on June 29th.
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