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    Hi Guys,

    My name is Luke Greville and I'm on a bit of a quest to find out as much as I can on my late grandfather (Gnr Colin Reginald Greville) and his movements with the 2NZEF 14 LAA Regt in North Africa during WW2. I have his service history and a few photo's but that's it (He burnt everything when he returned and my grandmother hid what I have today) I don't really know where to start the records from the NZ defence force are photocopied and very hard to read but from what I can make out a majority of his time was spent in the Middle East then Italy from 1/5/41-1/8/45

    It looks like he was involved in the Battle of El Alamein just going off the some of the dates and bits of other info I could find, but there is a big gap in his service record from 21st Oct 1942-11th Oct 1943. His uncle was Lieutenant Colonel Alec Wilkie Greville O.C. of 24th Battalion who was killed in action at Ruweisat Ridge.

    One of the other items I have is a YMCA card from Jerusalem I guess when on RnR for himself and what I guess to be a mate (Grimes?) but it has the names of a group of soldiers that I have since googled and to my surprise they came up as Pilots of the US 57th fighter group.

    I can provide any of the info/records/photos to help with getting as much info on him as I can.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    Luke Greville

    Western Australia

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    Great thanks for the link lots of info there!
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    Hi Luke

    Im a historian currently working at NZDF Archives (the custodians of your grandfather's service file). I would be happy to have look at his records and see if I can give you some pointers on his postings, areas of service or anything else of note.

    Let me know if this is something that you would be interested in and I'll initiate an enquiry at work.
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    Hi Dave
    I know It's been a while since you wrote hopefully this gets to you, but I have only just seen you replied :( Let me know what you need and I'll get it to you, here a little info i have so far

    > Colin Reginald Greville NZA 60733

    > In 43 awarded Africa Star and then in…

    > 1944 8th army clasp .

    > Trained with the 14th Light anti aircraft regiment at Papakura departed NZ ,7 - 1 -41 and arrived ME 15-5-41

    > Then moved after discipline to 14 NZ LAA Rgt

    > Attach to Forward advance party Artillery , then posted to 32nd regiment Forward Rgt then 32nd to advance base 2/NZEF.

    > Embarked from Alexandra 17-10-1943 for Italy and posted to advance party 2NZEF.

    > Did a gunnery course while in Italy was then marched out to forward unit as reinforcements… then onto 2 NZ 2 Div Cav corps

    > Then 14 NZ LAA … left Italy 8/2/45

    > Arrived back ME Siad 22/2/45

    > Disembarked Wellington 17/3/45 …

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    I would click on Dave Gibson's icon on the left side of his message and start a conversation with him. The last time he was on the forum was August 2018, so he may not see your response. The conversation will send him an email with your message.

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