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    Hi all
    I'm looking for assistance in something that I'm having trouble finding information about.
    My father who was in the REME arrived in North Africa on 28/7/43 by which time the fighting there was over and operation Husky had already begun. I know for certain that he spent a lot of time in Italy (was awarded Italy Star and it was well known in the family) but it is not reflected in his service record which I believe is quite common of many servicemen who served in NA and Italy. He returned back to the UK in February 44.
    The only thing I have of this time on his record is that he was that he was attached to the "312 Armoured Troops Workshop".
    On the attachment have I translated this right and if so does anybody have any knowledge of this unit.
    Many thanks

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    Thanks both for your help.very useful info.

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