34749 Captain Michael Preston Douglas DEWAR, the Buffs

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    Anyone ever come across
    Or have any info on Captain MPD Dewar the East Kent Buffs 34749

    my great grandad was his Batman earlier in the 1930’s

    I have heard a story Dewar was taken prisoner in the Battle of France 1940 and was a PoW for rest of war ?
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    Reported missing on a casualty list dated 22 June 1940, so obviously the event was sometime earlier, no actual date given.
    POW in camp O7B, Eichstatt.
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    Thanks Tony
    Wow that’s a great help
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    In a rather garbled copy of 'The Times' 21/12/1984 has:
    From: Full text of "The Times , 1984, UK, English"

    His regimental journal records:
    From: http://thequeensownbuffs.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Dragon-Jan-to-March-S-O1959.pdf
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    Has an entry in Who Was Who. This is the military part of it:

    Commissioned 2nd Lieut, The Buffs, 1926; Captain, 1938; Staff Coll., 1939; Major, 1943; OC Home Counties Bde Trg Centre, 1946–47; GSO 1, 6th Airborne Div., 1947–48; Lt-Col, 1948; Jt Services Staff Coll., 1948–49; Col GS, E Africa, 1949–51; Col, 1951; Col Administrative Plans, GHQ, MELF, 1951–52. Dep. Dir Manpower Planning, War Office, 1952–55; Brig., 1955; UK Nat. Military Rep., SHAPE, 1955–58, retired 1959.
    Dewar, Brig. Michael Preston Douglas, (1 Oct. 1906–14 Dec. 1984), retired | WHO'S WHO & WHO WAS WHO
    (Extract only at moment as not sure of copyright issues, but if you need any more message me)

    The full text of The Times article of 21/12/1984 is only two lines long and does not mention any service before 1955. Can't see any full obituary in The Times, but The Daily Telegraph sometimes covers millitary obituaries well.

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  7. Matt D

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    Thanks everyone this is all really helpful.

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