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    I have re commenced researching my Grandad's time with 366 Battery 'C' Troop 140 Field Regiment in France, Belgium and being one of the last to leave Dunkirk and later onto Iceland and on return transferred to 178 Field Regiment travelling to Burma and then onto a civil conflict nearby after the war ended which I am yet to research.

    My Grandad was Gunner 945947 Percival Douglas Wright who enlisted on the 18th October 1939 and was transferred to the Reserve on 21st August 1945. He sadly passed away 15 years ago to this day.

    I have attached a potted history of 366 battery to the file which was kindly provided to me some years ago by the Royal Artillery Historical Trust and a photo of the Battery, which is provided by another within this forum, and Grandad is in the front row far right as you look at the photo. I would like to say thank you to the provider of that photograph as it was lovely today showing this to my Grandmother.

    If there is anyone that can help me with my research about 366 Battery, the 140 Field regiment or 178 Field Regiment then I would love to hear from you.

    More photos and hopefully history to follow.

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    If anyone has any troop photos of the battery they are willing to share then please let me know. I'm trying to establish which troop my grandad was in. Thanks
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    Very interested in your post. My Dad must have served alongside your Grandfather. Indeed, he did as I was able to identify him in your photograph.

    Dad joined the 366/140 Field RA in Sep 1939 on call-up, went to France with the BEF, came back through Dunkirk. He also went to Iceland in 1941. I have no info regarding which 'troop' he was with. He was selected for officer training in Oct 1942, so he left the regiment.

    Before he passed away, he began writing his memories of his war. Unfortunately he never finished them but he did complete up to his return from Iceland.

    It's about a dozen pages but does give details about the regiments movements and places where he was stationed.

    Quite happy to let you have a copy if of interest.


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