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Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by Oops a daisy, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Oops a daisy

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    Hello I'm new member Janet. My dad won a trophy for boxing whilst serving in the 387 duke company rasc. India - Burma.
  2. lionboxer

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    Daisy, suggest you go to a Facebook page WW2 Burma research. There’s a lady on there whose father was in 387 and can tell you a great deal about them.
  3. Mary Cole

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    Hello, I’ve just seen this post and just had to reply. My father also served with 387 Coy RASC, amphibious dukw’s in India and Burma.
    I have been researching them for several years and have their war diaries.
    I’m now looking for the nominal rolls so that I can identify members but, I’m finding it difficult. We have 4 relatives of 387 Coy on the WW2 Burma research group and a good many photos. My father was Pte Harry Hopton T282143.
  4. Mary Cole

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    Thank you, it was my father which led me to research his time in India and Burma. What a story this Coy has, such bravery. I now have his service records and the war diaries but, I’m looking for the nominal rolls for 387 Coy. Would you know how these are obtained. Thank you so much.
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  6. Bruneval

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    Good evening Mary,

    With regards to the bravery of the soldiers within the Coy, you can download the original citations from TNA; I have counted 5 x Military Medals and one Military Cross. More than happy to download them for you if you would like?

    Recommendations for military honours and awards 1935-1990 - The National Archives


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  7. Bruneval

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    Just realised, I already have 387 Company's citations!



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  8. Mary Cole

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    thank you very much. I do actually have the military cross and military medal citations. It was a very kind thought though x

  9. ARM

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    Do you have copies of the 1943 diaries?
  10. Mary Cole

    Mary Cole Member

    Hello, I only have 44 and 45 as my father only joined 387 in Feb 44. However, if you care to join the WW2 Burma research Facebook group, my friend obtained 1943 just a few weeks ago. He did send them to me but I was unable to download them from his google drive.
  11. ARM

    ARM Member

    Thank you. Just joined that group and awaiting approval. I'd be delighted to see what you have from 44-45 if possible (I teach at an American university and thus have not been able to go to UK Archives for quite a while now due to COVID.)

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