4275868 Fusilier Edward Clementson MILLER, 8th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers: 23/7/1940

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    Remembering Edward Clementson MILLER, 4275868, of 8th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers who died by drowning on this day in 1940 as the result of a motorcycle accident at Penryn Reservoir in Cornwall. He was the driver of a 3 man combination when the sidecar hit a bank at slow speed and tipped himself the driver & Fusilier Thomas Shaw the pillion rider into the reservoir. The sidecar passenger Fusilier John Donald Shafto was thrown onto the road. Straw managed to swim to the bank, but Miller was no where to be seen. Another Fusilier, Edward Shaw, ran from the far side of the reservoir and dived in several times to try and locate Miller. Unfortunately he failed. The witnesses told the Coroner the motorcycle combination was only travelling at about 10mph. The Coroner's ruling indicated the bike had hit the hedge twice before depositing two of its riders in the water. Death was by drowning and the verdict was an accidental death.
    The RNF were in Cornwall as part of the anti-invasion forces defending over 40 miles of Cornish coastline from Penryn round the Lizard to Praa Sands.
    Edward was the son of Christopher and Sarah Miller. He is buried in Tynemouth (Preston) Cemetery, Sec F, Uncons, Grave 10629.

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