43 Recce April 1945 War Diary extracts

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  1. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I have this on a disc Paul set me.
    I've just asked if ok to post here, so here you go.
    Hope this is of use.
    They full size images so click a few times to view better just save them if you need them.

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  2. Recce_Mitch

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    Owen, thanks for posting

  3. Smudger Jnr

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    Likewise, thank for posting the war diaries.

  4. 43recceson

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    Thanks for this posting. I'm new to this so I apologise if this is a rather obvious question.

    Where were the images of the diaries obtained from? I understand that the war diaries are available at the Tank Museum at Bovington but I didnt think that they allowed any photographing of them?

    I'm particularly interested in Feb 1945 when my father was taken POW and I'm trying to get as much info together before spending a day (or two) at Bovingtion.
  5. Owen

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    Paul took pictures of them in The National Archives in Kew & sent them to me on a disc.
  6. Recce_Mitch

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    43recceson welcome to the forum. Here is Feb 1945 from War Diary.

    February 1
    Installed Weelde 0130 RHQ 094158, B 112168, C 106136 A Sqn relieved by 52 Recce 1700 move to 756560
    February 2
    Concentration, training and reorganisation. Fire at RHQ
    February 3
    A Sqn return (to 107165)
    February 4
    Prepare to move
    February 5
    0230 move to Helmond. Arrive 1230 RHQ 558225, A 557223, B 563227, C 480192
    February 6
    Concentration Preliminary conference ref OPERATION VERITABLE
    February 7
    Prepare to move
    February 8
    Move 1440 to Nimegen 2030 RHQ 706608
    February 10
    0400 Move to Reischwald Forest By 0730 only 2 miles due to heavy traffic and flooded roads 1445 A Sqn in battle area. Contact enemy 1455 Sadlhof? 873543 Dealt with by 53 Div C Sqn in reserve 1741 B Sqn report village taken. 1750 Infantry pass through with Scout Tp Remainder concentrate 864540 1855 A Sqn concentrate 848548 having tried to recce triangle Cleve, Goch, Udem RHQ 855555
    February 11
    0635 B Sqn shelled. Tps unable to get out
    February 12
    0845 B Sqn pass through infantry to roadblock. Cleared after 30 minutes 0930 Under mortar fire - delayed Leading Tp held up by MG and bazooka fire from houses in village 912512. Third car hit and on fire. 2 cars in front knocked out trying to escape. 1 tank from 13/18 Hussars also lost On pulling back remainder mortared and shelled (AP) by SPGun A & C Sqn also move up and concentrate at 874543
    February 13
    RHQ 883551 concentration and maintainance Slight shelling of C Sqn area. No casualties.
    February 14
    Quiet day 1930 A Sqn move up for first light deployment in front of Div Gun Line to prevent infiltration.
    February 15
    0900 Pepperpot north edge of ??? for 1 hour 156 Panzer Gren Regt reported on our front 45 POWs by 1845 C Sqn advance along Cleve - Goch road. Held up 912495 by roadblock and snipers. Another Tp reports snipers in houses 920505 3 of which dealt with by Mortar Tp 1155 MG located Tp reached level crossing 917508 fired on by 3 M Gs. Returned fire with BESA and set house on fire. Enemy responded with mortar 1250 C Sqn shelled 1340 C Sqn set up O Ps to direct RA
    February 16
    40 yard visibility Fire drawn from West edge of Maats Dort Cleve Houses clear at level crossing but fired on from other houses at 920505 Road block with mines 912495 and snipers, cleared 1920 East tracks into forest covered by M Gs. Also enemy occupied houses along railway. 3 dummy guns discovered
    February 17
    Intention to recce route to Udem resisted by enemy 1655 concentrated
    February 18
    Quiet day CO's conference with Squadron Leaders
    February 19
    Concentration, training, resting and reorganising
    February 20
    B Sqn set up traffic control points u/c 30 Corps
    February 21
    Quiet day
    February 22
    B Sqn relieved by 2 HCR and return to Regt C Sqn prepare to take over Kulflack River line
    February 23
    C Sqn move out to relieve 8 Cdn Recce All roads and bridges checked.
    February 24
    Remainder of Regt to get "GOING" information especially bridge at 969558 with RE reps for a new bridge.
    February 25
    Cleve Calgar area RHQ move up th C Sqn 917567 C Sqn foot patrols across river also to Creith, Wissel and Creamery 813562 collecting 1 POW
    February 26
    Road recce by A & C Sqns Contact at crossroads 998530 enemy digging in. Returned OK Patrol report civilians in Wissel are cooperative and looking forwar to Allied troops as Germans took all livestock. 204 Coy RE bridge River Kalflack at 969558 "RECCE BRIDGE" 1900 4 Tp crossed. A Sqn, 8 Tp and 12 Tp follow. Wissel occupied 2355 Other Tps at Creith
    February 27
    Good progress south and southeasy. Advance slowed by demolitions 1500 enter Honnopel also first troops into Calgar 0050 Night probing patrols
    February 28
    More craters and help from 204 Coy RE Slight resistance into Appledorn at 1730.
    February 29 - 31
    Missing 75 grenades not to be carried primed unless in correct box Paris and Antwerp out of bounds Officers may purchase Pre1942 pattern service dress

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  7. 43recceson

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    Thanks Owen and much appreciated Paul.

    It was really weird reading the accounts particularly the one of the 12th February as that would certainly tie up with what I've found out so far and looks like it was my father who was in one of those 3 cars that got hit and subsequently captured.

    Looks like I may pay a visit to the National Archives now to research further.

    Thanks once again.

  8. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin


    Hello and welcome to the forum.

  9. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    Hallo @Recce_Mitch
    Can you also give me the complete april 1945 of the diary please?
    I am from the small town of Herzlake in NW Germany!
    It has to be around the 10th April 1945 when the british units come through my hometown!
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  10. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    Hi its me again :)

    I have a set of pics that shows the 43rd Recce at the Herzlake area!

    I got it years ago from an dutch guy! He told me that this set taken at Herzlake area!

    Can somebody give me some more detail infos to that pics??

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  11. Recce_Mitch

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  12. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    Hi Paul

    THX for that!
    I have some original british road maps from 1944 from Herzlake and around! So i can check all way points from the dairy! :)

    I found also some better pics of my recce pics! Maybe now somebody can identify something!

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  13. Recce_Mitch

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    Hi Manuel thanks for posting the bigger res photos.

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  14. Trackfrower

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    Excellent stuff


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