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    hello my father Frank De Angeli, of London, was in the 56 Recce serving in Italy , Austria and after the war in Palestine. i would like to see the digitized version. i cannot find the book on eBay or ABE books. my dad is 92 now. to your knowledge, are there other 56 Recce veterans still in touch with the forum, perhaps through their children?
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    Hi welcome to the forum. Great to have another Recce on board especially 56 Recce. There are other 56 Recce children on the forum. Do you have your fathers service records? As he is still alive he can request them for no charge. It would be a good idea to start a thread about your father on the forum in the Recce section headed with his name and 56 Recce in title. If you have any photos etc of your father then you can post them there. Re BoB if you send me your email via a conversation with me I can send you the link for it. Do not post it on the forum. Your father was in "A" Sqn. 56 Recce War Diary is available in My Albums.

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    How do I obtain a copy of the digitised version?
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    You can send private messages to any member, they are called 'conversations'. Click on the person's avatar and you will see a link to start a conversation. If you ever have to send information such as email addresses, it should only be done this way. They were once called Private Messages hence PM. Any conversations you have can be viewed from a link on your log in box, top right.
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    Hello, I am french from Normandie, my father who had 8 years old in 1944 remembers that english soldiers had camped in august 44. We have find traces from 43 di wessex. Does anyone has the 43 recce war diary d'or August 44? Thank you so much!
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    see the attachment in post #1 here > 43rd Recce Regiment War Diary and Part 1 Orders 1944-1945
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    Thanks, i had seen but i can not read it!
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    I'll copy & paste August 1944 so that you can on here.

    August 1
    A & B Sqns with 1 Tp AT Bty under command NW or Jurques, patrols out. 3 POWs. Relieved by 61 Recce Regt. Div HQ at La Vitardiere 725627
    August 2
    Concentrate 717594 Route not passable due to Tank battle and mines
    August 3
    B & C Sqns same problem as yesterday. Div HQ Le Recussionnierre 718558
    August 4
    SE of Jurques B & C Sqns out on Recce B on blue & green, C on red and yellow routes Held up at Mutt and withdrew. C Sqn passes through but stopped E of line. 1 casualty from heavy mortaring
    August 5
    A Sqn passes through C Sqn on red and yellow to Lasey B Sqn to BOB Blue bridge and held up. Battle harbour with 1 Tp at bridge. Hold road 792437-801450 6 POWs Lt Banks and 1 OR KIA on foot patrol
    August 6
    A Sqn defend road 776430-792437 4 POWs. Heavy mortar and artillery fire. Div HQ La Trompierie
    August 7
    1 POW and 3 casualties from enemy patrols
    August 8
    A & B Sqns still in place. 1 POW and 5 casualtie
    August 9
    C Sqn relieve A Sqn. Offensive patrolling with several enemy positions beaten with BESAs. 5 casualties
    August 10
    A Sqn patrol SE toward Conde-sur-Noireau. Both 2 & 3 Tps have very heavy fighting and losses on enemy. 2 Tp clear cornfield with BESA fire (set on fire) 14 POWs 2 Tp with 4 Tp in support mop up orchard and buildings. 3 Tp move to Yellow Duck engage dug in infantry and tanks. good results with BESAs. C Sqn pass 1 Tp through St Jean le Blanc. Enemy then wake up. 7 casualties. A Sqn pass through
    August 11
    A Sqn concentrate 767444 waiting for infantry to clear from E. B Sqn 756436. C Sqn 775441
    August 12
    Regt concentration 811484 Refit and maintenance.
    August 13
    As above
    August 14
    B Sqn move to junction of Odon and Noireau Rivers Held up by mines. Lt Schofield KIA RHQ 877417
    August 15
    C Sqn carry on where B Sqn left off. Suitable crossing found over Noireau at Mill 955339. 2 casualties
    August 16
    A Sqn Recce S. Some difficulty crossing noireau as bridge partially washed away. Resistance from AT fire and mines. Codes compromised by loss of AT Bty jeep. Lt Clibbery and 8 ORS wounded. RHQ to 894365
    August 17
    Rain. B & C Sqns continue from A Sqn. B Sqn move to Athis ? towards 11th Armd Div, who where advancing N. C Sqn recce'd 4 bridges over Odon. Trouble with mines, 3 casualties
    August 18 - 22
    Regt concentrates 956309 Reform and refit
    August 23
    A Sqn passed under command 130 Bde Remainder concentrate 161149
    August 24
    Rain as above
    August 25
    Regt less A Sqn concentrate W of Brettieul in woods Div HQ at Le Bourg St. Leonard
    August 26
    Lead Division in advance to Vernon. B Sqn recce routes and crossings. C Sqn with 15/18th Hussars protecting left flank.
    August 27
    Regt less C Sqn crossed River Seine. RHQ immediately shelled on far side. 9 casualties. A Sqn attach 1 Tp to each Bn of 129 Bde. Valuable covering fire from BESAs. Also infiltration patrols.
    August 28
    B Sqn yellow, blue and purple routes. White route not recce'd. Tiger and Panther tanks about. Lt Slatler wounded.
    August 29
    B Sqn patrol N of Les Andeleys. C Sqn returns. 1 casualty.
    August 30 - 31
    Rain. Regt concentrates. RHQ 460769, A Sqn 469719, B Sqn 435737 & C Sqn 451737
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    Thank you Owen!! Very interesting!
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    Hi there , just recently joined this forum. I notice it may have been inactive for a while. My Grandad William “Bill” Devereaux of the 43rd Recce (possibly Wessex ) (although I would have to check with my Dad and uncle (His sons)
    He was also onboard the Derrycunihy the night it was destroyed and was one of the survivors. It’s very interesting for me read through the thread I’d love to know if there are anymore files regarding what else they did during the war. Many thanks
    Stuart Devereaux
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    Nice to see my work still being used!

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