4741257 Private Edward Atkinson CHICKEN, 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment: 05/01/1944

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    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Rank: Private
    Service No: 4741257
    Date of Death: 05/01/1944
    Age: 37
    Regiment/Service: 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
    Panel Reference: Panel 10.
    Additional Information: Son of Robert and Margaret Chicken; husband of Margaret Chicken, of Wardley, Gateshead, Co. Durham.
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    I'm a friend of Dean Road and Manor Road cemetery Scarborough and research casualties buried there but also those remembered on a family headstone. Lance Corp. Alfred Samuel Sykes of the 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment is one of the remembered and he also died on 5th Jan 1944. Can anyone help me understand what the battalion was engaged in on that day please?
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    This is the page from 6 Y&L WD for 4 Jan 44.



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    Hi Fred

    L.Cpl Alfred Sykes Army No. 4469974 comes from a Block Allocation of numbers assigned to the Durham Light Infantry (DLI)
    These block allocation numbers i think were used up to mid 1942, so this would indicate Alfred Sykes was recruited into the DLI prior to this.
    With him listed as only being 18 years old when killed in early 1944, something seems slightly unusual, as he would have been only 16/17 years old in early 1942 when recruited.

    I would suggest creating a new thread just about Alfred Sykes (and include York & Lancs/ Durham Light Infantry in the subject/ title). That way the forum DLI experts (like Mr Jinks ) are more likely to see it, and may be able to provide more info.

    Also the headstone to his memory in Dean Road and Manor Road cemetery, is likely to be of interest to people on the forum. So you could add it to the new thread or add to this existing thread
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    Thank you for your help and I've attached a photograph of the headstone. The report of L/Cpl death in the local newspaper said that he was in the Home Guard for two years until he joined the DLI at the age of 17 and was within a few days of his 19th birthday when he was killed. How do you go about creating a thread?

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