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    My mother Ivy Stride (Nee Long) W/200799 served with this unit near Brussels in 1944/5. She has just applied for her WWII medals! Her application for the 1939-45 Star was rejected on the grounds that she only served 143 days in NW Europe. Her memory is that she sailed from Southampton on the Lady of Man in Sept/early October 1944 & spent her 20th birthday (20/10/44) in Belgium, returning by air to Croydon on c.25/5/45. Can anyone tell me whether her memory is accurate and whether it is possible to confirm the period this service served in Belgium.

    many thanks,
    John Stride
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    Your best bet might be to get hold of the unit war diary from UK National Archives. It may contain a nominal roll at embarkation and if your mother was absent from the unit it may be shown in the weekly field returns.

    A couple of members offer a look up and copy service for War Diaries - drop Drew Drew5233 or Lee PsyWar.Org a personal message to discuss your enquiry.

    I assume you’ve got a copy of her service records from MOD?

    Good Luck

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    As Steve states get the service records they will tell you the dates.

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    Here's the diary entry for when she left. Unfortunately I don't have the 1944 war diary.
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