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  1. Thought I would share these photos which I have managed to find. Most of them include my grandfather Alec Smith (2660391) who was in 3 Squadron, 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards. He landed on Juno beach in July 1944 and his first engagement was in Operation Bluecoat near Caumont in Normandy.
    He then went on to fight through France, Holland and Germany.
    I know that the photo in front of the house is in Helmond, Holland and is where he billeted for a period of time.
    I have no idea where the other photos were taken, or who else is in the photos.
    If anyone recognises anyone, or a location or indeed can add any further information I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Your grandfather has 2 entries in the FMP CG records online - copies attached.


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  3. Hi Steve that’s amazing thank you. I’ve never seen these records before, are they available to all online do you know?
    Thanks Nick
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    Hi Nick,

    You’re very welcome.

    RHQ CG allowed findmypast access to various CG databases (books) for men who served until 1947 but, unlike Scots Guards, didn’t release (sell access to) any service files before sending their files to UK MOD.

    Scots Guards service files on FMP often have 100+ different documents, including medical and post war material, while MOD only release 4 or 5 documents - perhaps a dozen pages at most.

    RHQ CG followed MOD protocols and I only received 7 or 8 pages of my Dad’s file from them.

    These documents are the only “hits” for your grandfather. I got a handful more for my father as he was a pre war regular captured in Libya 1941 but not the enlistment book with the descriptive details which seems to have been introduced in 1939.

    Your grandfather got a speedier post war release than his Age & Service Group as his building trade skills were much in demand. He qualified for a Class B release whilst the majority of servicemen were released in Class A.

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  5. Thank you Steve. You’re explanation of his quick release reminds me of him telling me that he came home before a lot of his friends did. I know that on his return to his hometown he, my grandmother and my mother moved in with his parents where he took over the family Joinery and Building business.
    Thanks again for your insight.
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  6. The only comment I can make is that IMG_2037 was shot before 2 Feb 45, when 6th Guards Tank was redesignated 6th Guards Armoured Brigade. Consequently 4th (Tank) Battalion Coldstream Guards became 4th (Armoured) Battalion Coldstream Guards, and its Arm of Service marking changed from Serial 153 over Green (with white bar underneath), as shown on the photo, to Serial 52 over Red (white bar below). The Brigade new markings can be seen for example on IWM films A70 288-1 to 288-3.
  7. Michel, thank you very much. Very much appreciated
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    Hi Nigel, what a great set of pictures. The 3500 members of the private Facebook Group I went to Pirbright the Guards Depot would love to have sight of them. I believe there are members who served in the Guards Armoured during the War and they would be appreciative if you would give me permission to post them on the Guards Facebook page. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards Ken Weston (ex Coldstreamer)
  9. Hi Ken, yes absolutely please go ahead and share them. Please do come back to me with any information that comes out.

    best wishes
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    great stuff
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  11. Hi Ken, by any chance did anything come back from sharing the photos on the Facebook page?

    thanks Nick
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    Hi Nick, bit disappointing only 31 likes and 3 comments but nothing of any significance I expected a better response. Regards Ken W.

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  13. Thanks Ken. Shame, but definitely worth a try.

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