5497837 L/Cpl Thomas Robert Giles, 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

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    Hello everybody,

    I am trying to find out when L/Cpl Giles was captured.

    He died on 30th June 1943 in work camp 146/XX attached to PG 146 at Mortara and is buried in Milan War Cemetery. The camp was based on a farm at Vignazza.

    Any information gratefully received.

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    The casualty lists has his 'date of casualty' as 3/12/1942 along with dozens of other 2 Hampshire men.

    Royal Hampshire Regiment - Wikipedia

    "In November 1942, the Battalion, Hampshire Regiment sailed for North Africa, taking part in Operation Torch with the 1st Guards Brigade, which was now part of the 78th Infantry Division. They disembarked at Algiers on 21 November and joined the British First Army. Later that month, the Battalion moved to Tebourba.[32] The following day the 2nd Battalion were attacked by heavy shelling and, on 1 December, the Battalion was attacked by a force four times its size, which was able to outflank it and rake it with enfilading fire. This was the start of three days of fierce close combat, fought at close quarters and featuring bayonet charges and counter-charges. The battalion was forced back a mile and a half and, on 3 December, Major Wallace Le Patourel was awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry in leading counter-attacks against the enemy. After three days, the Battalion retreated through Tebourba, only to find all other troops had been withdrawn and the road behind them was cut. The battalion broke into small groups and attempted to break through to allied lines, reuniting at Medjez-el-Bab; many, including the Commanding Officer, were captured. The Battalion, which had started the battle with 689 men, was down to 194 men. The battalion was withdrawn from the line and in December, nine officers and 260 other ranks joined the 2nd Battalion.[33] After the fall of Tunis on 13 May 1943, the 2nd Battalion joined the 128th (Hampshire) Brigade attached to 46th (West Riding) Infantry Division.[34]"

    Account of the 2nd Bn Hampshire Regiment's "Last stand" at Tebourba

    Edit: that particular casualty list has 7 pages, 314 men, of the 2 Hampshires reported as missing.
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    Thank you. I suspected that this might have been the case.


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