5502679 L/Cpl John James WATTS, 1/4th Bn. Hampshire Regiment: 15/09/1943

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    Remembering Today
    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Service No: 5502679
    Date of Death: 15/09/1943
    Age: 25
    Regiment/Service: 1/4th Bn. Hampshire Regiment
    Grave Reference: II. E. 40.
    Additional Information: Son of James and Rachel Watt, of Powhill, Cumberland.​
    Personal Inscription ALL HE HAD HOPED FOR, ALL HE HAD, HE GAVE
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  2. Owen

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    Some pages from The Royal Hampshire Regiment 1918-1954 by David Scott Daniell for that date.

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    The Casualty lists also reports him as being previously wounded, North Africa, 22.4.43

    The 1/4th, 2/4th and 5th (Hants) Battalions:
    These Battalions were formed into the 128th ‘Hampshire’ Brigade, originally part of the 43rd (Wessex) Division, they later joined the 46th (West Riding) Division for North Africa. The Brigade landed at Salerno, Italy and suffered very heavy casualties.

    War diary WO 169/10225
    1/4 Hampshire Regiment | The National Archives

    128 Hampshire Bde, 43 (Wessex) Div to Jan 43 the 46 (West Riding) Div
    128th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia.
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    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945

    John J Watt Sapper Liverpool 7 Jan 1943 At sea

    John J Watt Fusilier Glasgow 10 Jul 1943 Sicily

    John J J Watt Lance Corporal Cumberland 15 Sep 1943 North Africa

  5. How can I access the casualty list? How badly was he wounded and how?
  6. Does that mean he died in North Africa?
  7. Owen

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    As he's buried in Italy I'd say No.
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    Hi, according to the war diary of the 1/4 Hants (WO169/10225) they were involved in an attack on White Cross Hill on 15 September 1943:

    15 September 1943
    “B”, “D” Coys & Bn HQ arrived area ‘B’ Ech 687290 preparatory to receiving orders for attack just after first light.
    0600 “B”, “D” coys & Bn H.Q. moved by march route fwd to area 674313 –
    0800 where Coy Comds “B”, “C” and “D” Coys received orders for attack on features at 683322 (White Cross) and 687323 (Pimple).
    “B” Coy to attack White Cross via 677317 (Rocky Crag).
    “C” Coy fire coy.
    “D” Coy in reserve, to pass through “B” and take pimple.
    0945 Attack commenced. Numerous enemy machine gun posts were encountered and when practically on White Cross feature orders to withdraw. Casualties were:-
    12 killed; 40 wounded; 36 missing.

    I hope that is of interest.


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    Am afraid that casualty lists are just that, a list, the only information is name, rank number, date and location (North Africa). Details may be in war diaries or regimental history, like Owen's post #2, above. As he was subsequently killed at Salerno, most likely a completely separate incident, and not too severe as he returned to action.
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  11. I'm not next of kin though and looks complicated!
  12. Owen

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    He died in 1943 , you don't need to be next of kin.
    I have service records for a chap who died in 1944 with whom I have no relationship to at all.
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