56 'Black Cat' Division War Diary or Regimental history

Discussion in 'Higher Formations' started by vitellino, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. stckrrrw12

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    his name is Harry Buckley, we cant find his service number and Forces War Records show load of H Buckley but the LIR
  2. Gary Tankard

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    You won't find much useful info on FWR. You should apply for his records from the MoD - you don't need his service number.
  3. minden1759

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    It could be that you cannot find him under LIR because LIR was a reserve unit that was ‘sponsored’ by a regular unit. That regular unit provided all the permanent instructors.

    For example, the London Scottish were sponsored by the Gordon Highlanders so their soldiers were often shown as Gordon Highlanders.

    The London Irish were sponsored by the Royal Ulster Rifles. Can you see a Buckley listed as a RUR soldier?


  4. Albertogeo

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    Hi Gary!

    I am interested in the presence of the 56th Division in Macerata and the preceding and antecedent periods. Is it possible to have that part of the diaries concerning the period from September to December 1944?
  5. bexley84

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    Definitely is the London Irish Rifles - I think I've seen this photo before but can't recall where/when

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