6104640 Francis Joseph PHILLIPS, 6th Lincolnshires 1943?

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    I'm new to the forums and am looking for help in finding my grandfather's unit.

    A friend of mine posted on my behalf of a soldier 6104640. I have found out a few things with the help of the replies he received from your members and am grateful.

    My grandfather's record of service states he left the 2nd battalion South Staffordshires weeks before the Sicily landings. The entry simply reads Lincs 19/6/43. Would I be correct in assuming that this is the 6th Lincolnshires?.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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    Yes it seems logical to me too as the units were both in North Africa at the same time.

    I also appreciate the link in reference to my friends post. Obtaining detailed records of my grandfather is not an option at the moment as I can not contact the immediate next of Kin.

    If anyone has any roll call list of the Solerno landing that would help a great deal. I have checked the one from January 1943 but have found nothing.

    Thank you for your replies.
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    6th Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment (T.A.)

    138th Infantry Brigade – 3 September 1939 to 31 August 1945

    The battalion was raised from the 4th Battalion on May 11th, 1939 (F.O.C. on May 2nd, 1939). It had HQ Company at Grantham and Sleaford, ‘E’ Company at Lincoln, ‘F’ Company at Spilsby and Alford. ‘G’ Company at Horncastle, and ‘H’ Company at Holbeach. It left the United Kingdom on April 26th, 1940 and embarked for France, where it arrived the following day. It served in France and Belgium until evacuated at Dunkirk on June 2nd, 1940. It returned to the United Kingdom and remained there until January 5th, 1943.

    The brigade embarked for North Africa and was at sea until January 17th. It served in North Africa until September 4th, 1943. It was sent by sea and landed at Salerno, Italy on September 9th, 1943. It served in Italy until March 16th, 1944, when it was sent to Egypt to rest and refit. It arrived in Egypt on March 20th and moved to Palestine on April 5th. It served in Palestine from April 6th until June 2nd and in Syria from June 3rd to 17th. It then returned to Egypt on the 20th and embarked for Italy on June 27th. It landed back in Italy on July 2nd and served there until January 28th, 1945. It was then sent to Greece by sea and arrived on January 31st. It remained in Greece until April 10th, when it embarked for Italy. It arrived on April 13th and fought there until April 19th, when it crossed into Austria for the remainder of the war.
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    Cheers for the information Dryan67.

    I've have read most of the war diaries on the 2nd South Staffordshires glider regiment that he joined in 1942. Paradata and the pegasus archives have quite an amount of information.

    What I'm looking for is any mention his name Francis Joseph Phillips 6104640 from June 1943 onwards as he remained in this regiment until 1946 then transferred to Northants. Just some evidence he was there would be nice.

    Mark Hickman of the Pegasus files has kindly spent some time looking for me, unfortunately had no information of him in the regiment.

    What's puzzles me even further is that I have found cloth Para wings with his belongings and an fs fighting knife.

    I will continue to look through as many war diaries as I can on the 6th Lincolnshires.
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    Joe 11, a piece of advice. If you ever come across a book that is being sold out there that is new & costs about £15.00, then give it a wide berth. Its has thin as a rakes head on detail. THE HISTORY OF THE SIXTH BATTALION The Lincolnshire Regiment 39-45. Anon.
    Not sure if there is a older & more comprehensive version out there?(not seen one).. In time, when you obtain the records? I will gladly have a look through a more detailed book.THE STORY OF 46 DIVISION 39-45.

    All the best
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    Thanks for the heads up Stuart. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack at the moment.
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    By the way - you dont need to be next of kin to apply got service records, as he is your grandfather I dont see the problem - his service records are really the only place to start unravelling his military service


    edited to add:
    For next of kin the copy of the service records is free, so if your grandmother is still alive fill in the forms in her name, if not then its £30
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    As part of your file on him ( also mentioned on the other thread you have)
    Francis Joseph Phillips in the Surrey, England, Regimental Rolls, 1914-1947
    Name: Francis Joseph Phillips
    Event Date: 20 May 1941
    Regiment Number: 6104640
    Regiment: Queen's Royal West Surrey

    This is why you need his service records as according to the above he was transferred to South Staffs Regiment on 8 Jul 1942.
    I do not see at the moment anywhere that says he joined the South Staffs Glider regiment - what makes you believe that ?? ( the para wings may be something he picked up)
  11. Stuart Avery

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    Can you please show what kind of records you have of your Grandfather? I may be getting lost with you have said in your posts 1 & 4..
    Its very rare for a other rank to be mentioned. It would be wise to get in contact with next of kin has soon has possible. Until you have the records , then you are on a magic round about.
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    Hi tricky dicky,

    I have a photo of my grandfather wearing his south Stafford uniform with the pegasus and airbourne insignia on the arm. Added to that my older sister has spoke of the times my grandfather mention he trained with gliders.
  13. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    TD, top work has the norm. I've forgotten the link for Joe 11 to obtain the form for the service records. Can you please provide?
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  15. Joe11

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    I have the link to obtain the records.

    I hadn't realised that it was that simple I shall obtain a copy of the death certificate and send for his service records.
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    I'm trying to upload media but my file size is too large.

    I have found his record of service. Form W5258
    He has changed regiment 3 times according to this
    Queens 20/05/41 - 18/6/43
    Lincs 19/6/43 - 21/7/46
    Northants 22/7/46 - 8/8/48

    I also have his soldiers service book.
    It states he enlisted at Guildford 25/5/40

    I'm confused myself mate. There is no mention of the south staffordshires apart from the ancestry photo and that of the photo of him in uniform.
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    You will obviously need to resize the image in order to upload, although I had thought the new site we are now on had no maximum, but I'm not that clever.

    Interesting as the Queens Surrey says he left them in 1942 for South Staffs - ??:wacko:

    Next step must be to obtain his service records, they will clear up any confusion (I hope)

  19. Joe11

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    I know none of the records match. He also lied about his age he told them he was born 3 years earlier than he was and in a different month?.

    Thanks for your help
  20. Tricky Dicky

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    Can you post a link for the Ancestry photo and upload the photo of him in uniform you speak of - please


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