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    Hi all,
    im a new member to the site and know many people have probably asked the same question many times but here goes...

    Im looking for any information in relation to my grandfather who served in the 69th. He was 927129 Lance Bombardier Samuel Glyn Jones, part of 242 Battery 69th RA. He was from Talybont in Conwy. From the info I have he was part of the BEF and was part of the lucky group that were hiding in the main ditch in Wormhout and decided to head the opposite direction than the unlucky ones that got caught. He returned to England then was posted to Africa as part of the 8th Army. I then lose track and he either goes up through Italy or joins in the battle for Caen from Normandy. I have no further info on his involvement afterwards.

    Im also looking for any info with regards to my great uncle who was also out in Africa as a Tank Commander and was part of the battle of Alamein. I have no further info on him - no regiment or number only that he was Sgt Cennin Parry Jones - also of Talybont Conwy Gwynedd. Both survived the war.

    I would be gratefull of any info on their actions or route and on the brigade itself. Ive tried the war records but cant seem to find any details . Id welcome any tips or links to help find out further info. I have some pictures that I shall try and post at a later date.

    Many thanks
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    Rob, apply for their services records to start with

    Get a copy of military service records - GOV.UK

    Upload the records here once you've obtained them and then the forum can get to work on them.

    Don't worry that you don't have your uncles service number, date of birth will suffice.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum. Maria
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  3. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Can help post 8 May 45 with my 1st Corps District research

    8 May 45 – 69th (Caernarvonshire and Denbighshire Yeomanry) Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
    was under command 17th Army Group Royal Artillery their headquarters were in Wormhout south of Dunkirk

    23 May 45 – 17 AGRA moved to Brussels to rest up prior to their move to Germany on 3 Jun 45

    Regimental Headquarters – Goch on the Dutch border to Wickrathberg south of Möchengladbach 15 Jun 45
    20 Aug 45 – Harding Barracks formally Colmar Kaserne Wuppertal
    9 Sep 45 – Anglesey Barracks formally Sagan Kaserne Wuppertal

    6 Feb 46 – 17 AGRA disbanded and the regiment probably moved to command 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division but at this time do not have the divisional historical records for that period but your grandfather's regiment and 242 Battery is mentioned up to the disbandment

    Best of luck with your research
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

  5. Robinj

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    Many thanks Steve im gratefull for any info on their activities.
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    Rob J.
    My father, from Cefn Mawr, also joined the 69th Medium Regiment of the RA. He enlisted on 20th October 1939. I have a record of his service from the army archives. I also have had the good fortune to possess the information from the diary of another gunner serving with the same unit. This gives the locations of the unit from 8th May 1940 (Southampton) through to 30th October 1943 (Naples) when the gunner was injured and shipped back home. Happy to provide details to you. It is most likely that your Grandad and my dad knew each other!

    Peter L
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    My uncle was also in same unit but was sadly killed on or after 28th may 40 and is buried in Kemmel Chateau. Name John Edward Blundell from Conwy
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  9. ruabon boy

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    Hi my father was also in the 242 and he came from Ruabon, and also enlisted on the same day I have previously posted a few photos back in 2014, I have afew photos of him outside of the Seargents mess in a group. would be grateful of any assistance of names etc, my fathers name was Cyril Croft Smith I will scan a couple and post as soon as possible. thanks ruabonboy.
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  10. palawrence

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    Hi Ruabon boy, hope you are well. My mother was born in Cemetery House, Ruabon (1918). It would be interesting to see any photos that you have of the 242nd. I don't know if you have his service record (from the archives), I also have the details of another soldier in the same reg. from signing up to his injury and subsequent departure from Italy in October 1943.

    Look forward to you posting further.

  11. ruabon boy

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    having a few problems getting pic's across but I sent some across on the 17/1/2014 under Ruabonboy.

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  12. ruabon boy

    ruabon boy Member

    in the photo I posted my father is on the right top row and I beleive Tony Barwick is in the middle front row.
  13. palawrence

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    Do you have a date for the photo?
  14. ruabon boy

    ruabon boy Member

    unfortunatley not but I assume after the war, I cant make out what the window on the building says either
  15. ruabon boy

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    I have been trying hard to read what is above the doors and I beleive it says Freudensberg, which if is correc it is a town in the Seign wittenstein district of the north Rhine. and by looking at the way they are dressed I would say its at the end of the war. I have a photo of my father standing under the Wupperertal hanging mono rail also another of if I am right ot Tony Barwick standing in the same place.
  16. ruabon boy

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    me again Freudensberg and Wuppertal are roughly 70 miles apart so that is were the photo was taken as arough guide they are east of Dusseldorf
  17. palawrence

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    Ah OK. My father wasn't with the Unit at the end of the war. Early 1943 he was slightly injured and I suspect possibly was utilised away from the front line. However, in early 1944 he joined a Raiding Forces team and headed for the Dodecaneses and ended up on a caique serving with Force 281 in the Mediterranean until the end of the war.

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  18. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Can now confirm

    7 Jan 46 – 71st Infantry Brigade of 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division
    Regimental Headquarters: Kapellen 317 Camp (Sagan Kaserne later Anglesey Barracks), Stadtkreis Wuppertal
    6 Feb 46 – disbanded

    241 Medium Battery – 242 Medium Battery

    Sagan Kaserne is intact today now Bergische Universität Wuppertal Campus and next to it is Campus Freudenburg this fits as the WO & Sgts Mess would be off camp but nearby to the regiment
  19. ruabon boy

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  20. ruabon boy

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    just being looking at your fathers army records and I would think that my they must have known each other .I see he was a chemical worker so I am assuming he worked at Monsanto? thats where Dad worked he was born at !4 John St. ( as was I). also he returned from Dunkirk between 26th- 30th May 1940 , as did yours do you know where he was billited on arriving back, because Dad was billited with my Grandmother in Piddinghoe a little village in sussex. according to her there were 3 other Welsh lads as well. and lastly I see he disembarked Egypt on the 21/9/ 1942, same as my Dad.
    Do you have a photo of you Dad so I can seeif I have any of them together?
    great talking with you . Ruabonboy

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