6th Battalion Cameronians - Post Dunkirk

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    Hi guys, looking for some direction to the following. My great grandad was in the battalion, and they arrived in France on 12th June 1940 for 5 days. I was unaware that troops were still being sent after the Dunkirk evacuation, so Iā€™m intrigued to find out more info about this. Can anyone recommend reading material or provide me with some info?
    Thanks, Hoody
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    52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division - Wikipedia
    "as part of the Second British Expeditionary Force (2BEF) to cover the withdrawal of Allied forces near Cherbourg during Operation Ariel"

    RMS Lancastria - Wikipedia
    "The Lancastria was sunk on 17 June 1940 off the French port of St. Nazaire while taking part in Operation Ariel"

    Lancastria was sunk at St Nazaire, thats some distance between the 2 ports. Operation Ariel covered about half the French northern coast and all its western coast
    Operation Aerial - Wikipedia

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    Thanks for clearing that up Tricky Dicky!
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    If he was in the vicinity of St Nazaire on 17 June 1940 then there was a chance he saw the sinking, if he was at Cherbourg, then I rather doubt it

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