6th Battalion Cameronians War Diaries covering Feb-1945 onwards

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    I have my grandfather, Rifleman Robert McCall's service record, which shows that he arrived in North-West Germany on 10th Feb 1945. I know that he participated in the Battle of Alpon 8/9th March, but am trying to establish what his regiments movements were between arriving in Feb and what I assume was his first engagement at Alpon. He said that he was at Geilenkirchen but I don't know when, anyway to find out?

    I was wondering if someone might have access to the diaries and be kind enough to share, before going down the road of obtaining myself.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks very much, even though I have his service records I cannot seem to find what company he was in, is there any alternative way to find that information? Cheers

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