6th cameronians, 52 lowland division war diaries

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  1. AnthonyOwen

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    I'm trying to find out the circumstances of how my great uncle was actually killed and was hoping that someone may have the war diary for the 6th cameronians for Nov 3rd 1944. I am searching for anything but if possible something with the way he was killed.
    14301791 Rfn Thomas Owen KIA 3/11/44

    Many thanks.
  2. Drew5233

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    From the battalion war diary WO 171/1273 6 Cameronians Jan-Dec 1944
  3. AnthonyOwen

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    Thank you so.much for that...guess I'll never exactly know how he was killed...the 6th took so many casualties.
  4. MAA202

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    He was killed during operation Mallard, the crossing of the Sloe canal, and liberating the east of Walcheren.
    There is a Dutch book called "Slagveld Sloedam" (English: Battlefield Sloe couseway) that discribes the battle for the east of Walcheren pretty good, I think I will have more information for you. In what company of the Cameronians was he?
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  5. AnthonyOwen

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    Hi. I'm sorry but I don't know what company he was with.

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