71440 Ian Henry GOOD, DSO, 1 London Irish Rifles, RUR

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    Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Ian Henry Good was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.
    During a silent attack on Bottacetto line on the night of July 17-18th, 1943, Lieutenant-Colonel Good’s battalion, in its first engagement, came under extremely heavy enfilade from a large number of automatic weapons and from mortars and artillery. Bitter fighting developed and it was extremely difficult to discover the exact situation of the leading companies.

    With a complete disregard of danger, Lieutenant-Colonel Good went forward over very open and bullet-swept ground, discovered the exact situation, and reported it. Later, during the early hours of July 18th when ordered to withdraw his battalion and take up a defensive position some 400 yards in rear, he extricated his companies with great skill, despite the fact that they were disorganised, due to heavy and confused fighting, and there being only a short period of darkness left. Due to this officer’s untiring efforts the battalion had reorganised, was digging in on the new position by daylight, and was ready and eager to continue the fight, despite its heavy losses. Later at Gravina di Catania his battalion, which was advancing through very difficult and close country, was held up by skilfully concealed machine-guns and mortars; once again Lieutenant-Colonel Good went forward, at a very considerable risk, to his leading companies, with the result that they were able to hold their gains and harass the enemy, who withdrew again during the night.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Good has been an inspiration to all. His courage, sound decisions and imperturbability under fire have been a splendid example. This is reflected in the fighting spirit of his battalion, which is unimpaired despite heavy casualties and great physical exertion. Lieutenant-Colonel Good has shown outstanding powers of leadership and bravery of a very high order.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Good was born in Dublin.

    Name Good, Ian Henry
    Rank: Major,Temporary Lieutenant Colonel
    Service No: 31943
    Regiment: 1 Battalion London Irish Rifles, Royal Ulster Rifles
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Sicily
    Award: Distinguished Service Order
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 23 December 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/3

    London Gazette:
    27 January 1942
    3 August 1943
    3 February 1948

    The Times, Friday, Dec 24, 1943
    Lt.-Col. I.H. GOOD, Infantry

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