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    Private James Gilliland Cameron Highlanders

    Private James Guy RASC or RAOC

    An example of WO 311/569 Q Files
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    Murdered 16/10/1944 and remembered in Malbork Commonwealth War Cemetery :poppy:

    CWGC - Casualty Details

    Historical Information

    The Second World War burials at Malbork are mostly of men who died while prisoners of war in the nearby camps. Stalag XXB was a camp of some size at Malbork itself, Stalag lA was situated at Stablack, between Malbork and Gdansk, Stalag 2A at Starogard, a few kilometres south of Stablack, and Stalag XXA, at Torun (Thorn), about 120 kilometres south of Malbork.

    When hostilities had ceased, the graves service of the British Army of the Rhine moved the graves from the local burial grounds to this war cemetery, together with other Commonwealth graves in outlying places in the area where their permanent maintenance could not be assured. The largest number came from Torun, and the next largest from burial grounds in Malbork itself and Gdansk.

    MALBORK COMMONWEALTH WAR CEMETERY contains 232 Second World War burials. There are also 13 First World War burials which were moved from Gdansk (Danzig) Garrison Cemetery in 1960.

    The cemetery also contains the MALBORK MEMORIAL, commemorating 39 First World War casualties buried in Heilsberg Prisoners of War Cemetery (changed in 1953 to Lidsbark War Cemetery) where their graves could no longer be maintained.
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    AG3 (V/W) was a co-ordinating unit based in London which also dealt with Far East war crimes cases. The National Archives Catalogue lists a further file in this case, viz:

    WO 311/984 Shooting of Private J Gilliland following recapture at Weichselgarte Punishment Camp, Poland (attached to Stalag XX A, Thorn), 16 October 1944 1944 Nov 01 - 1946 Nov 30.
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    Posted this as the name James Gilliand appears and was used to help a Pole [Jan Cias] who had escpaed in 1940, retrained with the British and returned to Poland and escaped again via Odessa

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    Name: James Gilliland . Date of Birth: 29/1/1919 . Place of Birth: Glasgow . ... | The National Archives

    Name: James Gilliland . Date of Birth: 29/1/1919 . Place of Birth: Glasgow . ...

    Reference: WO 416/139/123
    Name: James Gilliland.

    Date of Birth: 29/1/1919.

    Place of Birth: Glasgow.

    Service: British Army.

    Rank: Private.

    Regiment/Unit/Squadron: The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

    Service Number: 2932463.

    Date of Capture: 14 June 1940.

    Theatre of Capture: St Valery.

    Camp Name/Number: Stalag XXA Thorn.

    PoW number: 19102.

    Date of Death: 16/10/1944.

    Number of Photographs: 1.

    Number of Fingerprints: 1.

    Number of X-rays: 0.

    Number of Cards: 9.

    Date: [1939-1945]
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record(s)
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
    Access conditions: Open on Transfer
    Record opening date: 03 December 2014
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