75823 Michael Ward GRAZEBROOK, MC, 6 Grenadier Guards

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    Personal Number: 78523
    Rank: Captain
    Name: Michael Ward GRAZEBROOK, MC, ERD
    Unit: 6 Grenadier Guards

    London Gazette : 11 November 1938
    Gren. G'ds.—Michael Ward GRAZEBROOK (late Cadet, Eton Coll. Contgt., O.T.C.).

    London Gazette : 27 June 1967
    Gren. Gds.
    Capt. M. W. GRAZEBROOK (78523) having attained the age limit, relinquishes his commn., 27th Jun. 1967, and is granted the hon. rank of Capt.

    London Gazette : 4 October 1988
    The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to confer the Award of the Army Emergency Reserve Decoration upon the following Officers:
    Grenadier Guards
    Lt. (Hon. Capt.) M. W. GRAZEBROOK, M.C. (78523) (Retired).
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    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

    Grazebrook, Michael Ward
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Service No: 75823
    Regiment: 6 Battalion Grenadier Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 29 June 1944
    Date 1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/6

    201st Guards Brigade, 5th Division, 10 Corps
    75823 War Substantive, Temporary Captain Michael Ward GRAZEBROOK, 6th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    TRIMONSUOLI 29th January / 30th January 1944.

    This Officer was ordered to attack an important feature at dawn.

    In spite of artillery preparation, when he approached the objective he was met with extremely heavy fire from 6 spandau posts.

    Without hesitation he ordered his Company to charge and led them straight at the posts. By his quick decision and determination the position was captured and 46 prisoners were taken.

    Signed Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 6th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    Granted an Immediate M.C.
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