78 Squadron Ride for Heroes Challenge 800

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    Ride for Heroes Challenge 800.

    During World War II Sergeant G.N. Cribbin was a Bomb Aimer in the Royal Air Force attached to 78 Squadron at RAF Breighton in the East Riding of Yorkshire. On 7th June 1944, he and six other crew members took off on a mission to bomb a railway target in the Parisian suburb of Juvisy. This mission was designed to support the D-Day landings by preventing the transportation of German reinforcements to the Normandy beaches.

    Tragically, as with many from Bomber Command, the whole crew never returned. In the early hours of 8th June their Halifax aircraft crashed 30 miles South of Paris in the town of Corbeil Essonses after being hit by flak. Six of them are buried in Courances communal cemetery. The seventh member of the crew is buried in the communal cemetery in Corbeil Essonses.

    To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the crew’s death, four people including the three grandsons of Sergeant G.N. Cribbin - supported by family and friends - will cycle from the former Royal Air Force airfield at Breighton to Courances communal cemetery via the Bomber Command Memorial in London and the crash site in Corbeil Essonses.

    Four people in two support vehicles will help the cycling team, one of whom is the son of Sergeant G.N. Cribbin.

    Cycling team: Andy Cribbin, Phil Cribbin, Anthony Machin and Rob Sneddon
    Support team: John Cribbin, Pam Piotrowski, Mark Piotrowski and Richard Langford

    The cycle ride will start on the same runway used by the ill-fated Halifax and over the course of seven days the team will ride approximately 800 kilometres through England and into France to raise money for Help for Heroes. The challenge will start on Monday 2nd June 2014 and the team will arrive at the cemetery on the 70th anniversary of his and the crew’s death: 8th June 2014.

    Seventy years after the death of Sergeant G.N. Cribbin, the men and women of our armed forces are still risking life and limb every day across the world. As a family and group of friends we are proud of the sacrifice that Sergeant G.N. Cribbin gave to protect our country.

    To honour his memory, we have chosen to sponsor Help for Heroes, a charity that supports veterans and serving personnel who have been wounded or injured, or have become sick as a result of serving their country. The charity also supports the families and dependents of these soldiers while they care for their loved ones, and adapt to the new challenges they face.

    Our aim is to raise more than £5,000 for Help for Heroes. If you can, please visit our charity page and give as much as you can.

    Thank you for your support.


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