7th Seaforth Highlanders, 15 Scottish Division

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  1. Hi, I have been researching my father’s service in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Before his death in 93, we traveled together from the beaches to Hill 112, he was wounded on Op Epsom and medivaced back to England. He returned in Oct and rejoined the 7th in Belgium and carried on until he was again wounded near Kalkar in Germany. We visited most of the CWGC sites from France to Germany. He never really told me much about his time in the Army, I think it was hard to talk about it as he lost so many friends during that time. Pte George David McIntosh, C Company
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  4. Casualty Clearing List, who holds those records?
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  7. I have his service record
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    I thought that might be him at the Scotlandspeople website. Have you used this site for family research? I can't see any further info on him, I assume he married and passed away outside Scotland?

    You could get his 1939 Identification Register entry, but at £15 just for his details it is pricey and it doesn't include everybody living at the same address You'd be better served spending the £30 to get his military service records.

    You might also find his parents marriage details and there will be the 1925, 1930, 1935 & 1940 property Valuation Rolls which can help trace his Dad.

    The 1921 Census will be released 2021 for tracing his parents and any older siblings?

    My own father was born in the Maryhill area the same year. The Glasgow Herald was the main paper, but I think there was a Paisley newspaper added recently. I'll check the years available.

    Was he called up in 1942 like my own father? Welcome to the forum too.
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  9. Hi,

    I have my Grandparents marriage certificate. Yes he was called up in 42.
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    Hi Lawrence - Yes, almost at the end of the action. The Canadian 2nd Corps took over from 30 Corps on 15 Feb 45; a Canadian attack through Moyland Wood started on the 16th. The 46 Bde with the 7th Seaforth Highlanders remained in position to guard the flank and the main Cleve - Calcar road. See: VERITABLE 1945: the Canadian finale (Moyland Wood & Goch-Calcar road)
  12. Great details of the advance

    When my Dad and I got to the Reichwald he was unsure what route he took but he remembered the railway line from Kleeve to Kalkar. His platoon Leader said to stay near the track as it was dry but everyone started to pee on the ground to make it look wet, so they moved on
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    Part of the battalion was transported in Kangaroos, armoured personnel carriers. Each of these open topped vehicles could carry a section of infantry (10 man). I guess your dad was not so lucky and had to march all the way:

  14. Yes I have used Scotlandspeople for research on the family tree in myheritage.com. I have started the checking of censuses and records, so far I have got back to the middle of the 1700’s with the McIntosh side but the Kipps I have hit the 1300’s
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  15. Yes I think he did a lot of marching to get every where

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