802 and 815 Smoke Companies Pioneer Corps WW2

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    I wonder if anyone can help me? I am trying to find out about the Pioneer Corps Smoke Companies, specifically 802 Coy and 815 Coy and their service during WW2, ie what was their role, how were they organised/how many men in each unit, did they deploy overseas.

    I have traced war diaries for both units to the end of 1941, but possibly because of my poor searching skills I haven't been able to find any war diaries after this point. I believe that 802 may have deployed to Italy at some point, but I have found nothing that might confirm this, so any help would be really great.

    Thank you

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  3. Mike Selcon

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    Hi TD
    This looks right, I will have to get up to Kew to review them. I knew they would be there just couldn't find them - so frustrating!
    Thank you for your help

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    I have attached info on 802 and 815 Company RPC. However, follow the link below to the RLC Digital Archive - they have the RPC Diaries which you can order.

    Search RPC War Diaries - RLC Digital Archive

    802 company.jpg 815 Company.jpg

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