811 Smoke Coy - Pioneer Corps War Diary ?

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    Can any one help me Please? I'm after the WW2 War Diary from the 9th Nov 1940 till the 1st April
    1949 for the "811 Smoke Coy" of the Pioneer Corps! my father was in it. I'm trying to get a copy for
    the above dates Please! His WW2 Army Details are below!
    Would it be possible to also get a copy of the WW2 War Diary for the dates for the Gordon Highlanders
    as well Please! I will pay for copies!

    Thank You.

    Name: Pte Frederick Stuart
    Number: 3524319
    Enlisted in the
    Manchester Regiment.
    Date of Enlistment: 10th May 1939
    Embodied: 2nd Sept 1939
    Transferred to: Gordon Highlanders
    Date Transferred: 5th Jan 1940
    Transferred to:
    Pioneer Corps
    Date Transferred: 9th Nov 1940
    Date of being discharged from the Army: 1st April 1941
    Medals: War Medal 1939-1945
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    I can only find 3 diaries for you. I'm wondering if the unit changed its name before the war ended?

    WO 166/5797 ROYAL PIONEER CORPS: COMPANIES: 811 Company. 1940 Nov.- 1941 Dec.
    WO 166/10235 811 Company 1942 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 166/14093 811 Company 1943 Jan.-Dec.

    Ref the dates you say he was with them until 1949 but discharged in 1941-Typo?

    Ref the Gordon Highlanders you would need to know the battalion he served with.


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