81690 Flt Lt. Hugh Larmour MAGEE, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve: 16/03/1942

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    Remembering Today

    Flight Lieutenant (Observer) MAGEE, HUGH LARMOUR
    Service Number 81690
    Died 16/03/1942
    Aged 30
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Son of Edward and Jane Magee, of Finaghy. B.A. (Dublin): Trinity College.
    Location: County Antrim, United Kingdom
    Number of casualties: 18
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Sec. D. Grave 174.
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    Passenger aboard Wellington X3599, No. 57 Squadron. Crashed near Newcastle, Co. Down.

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    Thanks Dave for the presentation of the comprehensive facts on the circumstances of the loss of the aircraft and all but one crew member..always interesting to read from a technical point of view.....the Form 700 would have been well scrutinised.

    Human error in navigation along with adverse weather conditions must have accounted for many of the Bomber Command aircraft of 2157 that were lost on non ops duty.

    The figure of B.C aircrew lost on non ops duty has been recorded as 8090 with a further 4203 wounded from non ops duty against the 47268 aircrew lost on ops including those who died as POWs compared to a figure of aircrew wounded on ops of 4200.

    No 57 Squadron at the time was in the queue waiting to be re-equipped with the Lancaster which came in September 1942.
    Per Ardua Ad Astra.
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